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It appears to me that that nothing I say would change your mind as your first post is about having a desktop. (Which if you reread my first post I recommended as well) the laptop is about portability. I have not been home all summer and having my laptop is amazing as I have spent time in hospital and travelling.
I think you are confusing your self with the new i7 8 gen is a 6 core mobile CPU. See My first post was specs of a 17.3inch Laptop Nivda 1070 8GB Which is also portable 10 LB. So yes I can put it in a big and do the same as you. Take it on trips use it in hotels and such. The only thing I talk about that a desktop Part. Is the Alienware Graphic Amuflier which uses a Desktop GPU to enhance the speed of an ageing laptop GPU. But we both have LAPTOPS.

That being said, a google search can show what is upgradable. for quick example, my ram can be upgraded to 32gb pretty easy. are desktops going to be "better" yes and no. it depends on what the user wants/ needs it for. every person is different and requires different things. One person might want to drop thousands of dollars for the top of the line everything, while some are continent with getting what works for them and using what is left to do other things.
While your stuck with Ram and such. I am looking a few years down the line. So paying a little more Might be beneficial. Not sure how old your laptop is. But if you want to try newer games Look into your Omen graphics accelerator. $300 Plus you have to buy a new desktop GPU. Before buying a New laptop. But it can extend your gaming ability some. It has to share some of your resources so that a small pitfall. But it plugs in play so it does has its pros and con.

Now the Alienware Graphics Amplifier Which cost $200 Plus you have to buy a new GPU. Which you have to plug into the computer before turning it on take over as the dedicated GPU and you have to turn off the computer before unplugging. Pros and cons. You don't have to share resources more fps.

Some area I can point people is Notebookreview.com and Tomshardware.com so people can research laptops.

Razer Core and the Alienware Graphics Amplifier,