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    Has any one else bought the snes or the nes classic console. I have both and they are easy to mod. I love the snes it has final fantasy on it which i LOVE.

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    I got the original NES classic right when it hit the stores. Had it modded within a week. Ive only been able to get about 60-70 games on it before it starts to get a little unstable. Of course I pulled out the games no one wants to play.
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    I wanted one at first, then they got hard to find and I said "You know what? Heck with it. I have the originals of both of them. So what am I getting it for anyhow?"

    (Because I've had them for so long, I already possess every possible adapter I would need to hook it up to a modern television. That's the beauty of never giving up your original first consoles and like the games enough to play them over and over again.)

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    I would love to get both of those, however my TV is completely out of input slots. Besides, I'd prefer to buy an original NES and SNES because I can play games that aren't in the mini systems and I like to collect physical media.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluffydl View Post
    Has any one else bought the snes or the nes classic console. I have both and they are easy to mod. I love the snes it has final fantasy on it which i LOVE.
    Iv modded my nes classic with the whole library of American nes games + some choice releases from overseas , I opted out of modding the snes classic because in between it and the nes classic I purchased a retro pie and fitted it with thousands of games including the whole snes library, I waited in line and was the first person to get both in my town I showed up obnoxiously early because I wanted a guaranteed thing the nes was way under produced and they had substantially less on release day the store I was at had four systems and one controller!

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    I don't quite get these re-released consoles, I guess if you want a lot of games at your fingertips, but I'll stick with the originals. Never had NES OR SNES but I have multiple Genesises, including the first one I got as a kid, (might be a little hard to figure out which one is actually that one, but I think I know), and then when I was older I went into collector mode and bought a Sega CD and 32X. I don't play a whole lot of video games much anymore though.

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    I own one and the only reason I didn't mod it yet is because it requires dot net framework 4.4 which my computer cannot handle. It basically just runs a mini Linux and keeps a bit in memory.

    I however absolutely LOVE how accurate it is on super Mario world (all glitches of the original console are operable including the berry overwealm glitch and dropping through walls, floating Yoshi etc. (Keep in mind this is all without any kind of GameShark or anything so it's pure skill at that point but the reverse is useful.)

    However on the special zone in Mario or in heavy events on earthbound I get very noticeable frame rate drop. So much to the point of almost a crawl until things clear. Makes it more real to the original console but still a pain in the diapered rear.

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    I had a friend emulate my Wii for nes, snes and sega. Iím quite happy with the results.

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