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Thread: Hiya from Indy

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    Default Hiya from Indy

    So, I just joined today. I don't know any other ABDLs in indy. I'm a mid-30s gayish man just discovering his love of it.

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    Welcome of course, gotta say I haven’t seen the term “gayish”.

    Which part are you discovering your love for, being in your 30s?

    We always want to hear a bit about your hobbies and interests if you want to share?

    Is Indy short for Indiana?

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    Indy is Indianapolis.

    I say gay-ish because I have considered myself gay most of my life, but recently discovered that I enjoy all genders. But I'm just discovering my love of diapers and being a little.

    Let's see, hobbies. I don't really get out much, but I'm primarily a gamer, and I adore pets, specifically dogs. But, I'm not a cat-hater like most dog-lovers lol.
    I also try my best to keep up with scientific stuff, especially in biology and chemistry.

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    I'd like that! But finding a way to message may be a bit hard. lol.

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    oh ... didnt realize you couldnt do that here

    - - - Updated - - -

    well .... read my profile here then

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