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    Here is my friend(female) has posted messages on facebook saying that like "I am coming out, I'm a Lesbian" And "Will forever burn in hell". I am totaly open to things such as this, but I can't help but feel someone what worried about this. I really have no idea if she is kidding, or if she is true blue about it. All I know is that I feel somewhat worried about it...why is this? Has anyone else ever felt this way?

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    What do you mean by worry? Are you worried about her being a lesbian, or about the 'will forever burn in hell' part?

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    Yeah, if she's feeling some form of religious pressure...that's never conducive to being happy. lol

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    I feel "Weird" about it, b/c I think I may have contributed to her dislike of I feel somewhat of a responsibility towards it. Again, IDK if she is serious about this, as she can be quite difficult to gauge her seriousness of a subject, I just can't help feel that I may have done something to make her like this. I might be over reacting and hopefully sleep and work will make me forget about it or just make me not care as much anymore.

    I am perfectly fine with her being a lesbian.

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    I've known a lot of girls who threatened to be lesbians (and were 'done' with men) after horrible experiences with me and other men. lol You'll just have to see what actually happens once the acute stress dies down.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Well... I doubt you've contributed to her either being a lesbian or not being one. It's not something that turns on and off like a light switch. She might be questioning her own sexuality. Many people do at least once in their lives. But it's good that she will have your friendship and support, no matter what her sexual identity ultimately becomes.

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    "get it out of her..." This isn't an interrogation. lol

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    haha, you know what I mean, I want to comfirm the validity of her statements. I want to comfort her, b/c her parents are like "Gays will burn for eturnity in a firey hell".

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    My bisexual and/or gay friend has said it's the act of being gay that would be considered a sin, if it is at all. Having feeling's is not a sin, unless it's lust I think.

    Anyways, if worse comes to worse, go Chasing Amy on her.

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