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    Smile Hello

    Hello everyone.

    This is my first time joining an ABDL community. I'm mostly DL with an interest in trying out more AB stuff. I've had an interest in ABDL for many years but since I'm still living at home I've had little opportunity to explore it.

    I'm still struggling to accept this side of me and determine exactly where this all fits in (not being able to go as far as I would like, being at home, has proven to be a major limitation).

    To add further complications to my life, I recently told my girlfriend (of several years) about my ABDL side. She was shocked and completely blind-sighted at first, almost to the point of not knowing who I was to her anymore. We've been talking it over for months and she has since become more understanding and supportive of my interests. I'm hoping one day she'll even partake in activities with me, and potentially join the community for discussions.

    I'm hoping to better understand myself, my ABDL interests, and interact with others who share it.

    Outside of ABDL I enjoy anime, gaming, and computers/technology.

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    Hello EtherealKitsune and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Welcome to the group. In spite of my username I am primarily DL with limited AB tendencies.


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    Yay we always need more peeps that watch Anime.

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