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    Default Hello Padded Littles

    I am Paddedexplorer, and I am new to posting on the forums. I am a 31 year old single male, and have been into diapers with the desire to be babied since I was 7. Only since a couple years ago I have "outed" myself to those who are closest to me with mixed reactions. Some were very understanding, and some were pretty distressed.

    I would say that I have made tremendous progress in the last few years with learning to accept this as a part of myself. I am at a stage where I don't concern myself with social implications or disapproval by others. I have been experiencing a strong desire to be outed in more obvious ways, but I'm well acquainted with the general opinions and controversy that gets stirred up whenever that is expressed by other members This mostly stems from a desire to take the feeling of being little to the next level.

    My non-ABDL activities and hobbies include, wilderness hiking, kayaking, swimming, running, guns-guns-guns, competitive pistol/rife shooting, and traditional archery. I am also very interested in general aviation and would like to earn a private pilot's license.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction. If there are any questions, I will do my best to answer as promptly as possible

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    Hello Paddedexploror and welcome to the group.

    Very informative introduction.


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