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    I woke up about 2 months ago not being able to feel anything from my sternum down. Ended up going to the hospital and stayed there for a week. After five days I was transferred to a rehab facility where they noticed I had been totally incontinent. I didnít even know I was until the nurse brought in a bag of really crappy diapers and she ended up diapering me. Thatís all it took and I was diapered for six weeks. Even when I had regained my faculties they still labeled me incontient and forced me to continue wearing. I look at it this way, I always wished to know what it felt like be diapered and changed by someone. First thing you release is that it is what it is and you quickly lose any modesty. I enjoyed it for the most part. It would have been better if they had prettier CNAís and better quality diapers. Anyways, made me think about this sight so I figured Iíd come back and see how things have been. FYI, since Iíve been home even the home health nurse recommends me wearing because itís so far to the bathroom and in fact even offered to put me in one. Iíve been wearing 24/7 now for almost 2 months even though I probably donít need to. I do wear when I go to doctors appointments because face it, Iím still in a wheelchair and itís not like I can walk into a restroom. People really do not think twice about me wearing.

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    Hello Flobaby50 and welcome to the group.

    Sorry to read this introduction.

    I hope things get better for you.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Thanks for the well wishes egor. I’m looking at possibly two surgeries on the back but on the positive side I get to wear diapers 24/7 and it’s not looked at as I’m being weird or disgusting. For me the only weird part was when my sister n law offered to change me.....sorry not happening! Either a nurse or I change me! With that being said I was pretty uncomfortable only once when a nurse changed me. The only time it was a male CNA and he was pretty thorough. Didn’t care when he stuck his finger up my backside to make sure it was clean!

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