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Thread: Just bought some diapers off ebay

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    Default Just bought some diapers off ebay

    I've managed to go without wearing for almost a year here in Japan, I didn't want to gamble on buying some at a store and when I tried to order on amazon it wouldn't let me ship to Japan and all other international rates I found were ridiculously expensive. I was also worried if my host family were to find out, but they don't come in my room so it shouldn't be a problem.
    I ordered a pack of Tena Slip Maxi's somebody in the UK, shipping included it's gonna be roughly $43 but that's not TOO bad considering it's a pack of 28= each one is $1.50 about. AND compared to prices I found before, $60 was more than I was willing to pay for a pack of like 20.
    Now if I can just hope I can get them to my room safely

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    All the ones I tried when I was there, sucked. But I only shopped at drug stores. for some reason I never worked up the nerve to go into the medical stores.

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    Cool! I hope everything goes well with getting them to your room and all.


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    the basic drug store diapers in japan are quite respectable; much better than depends and their ilk. and there are lots of higher-quality diapers available in stores. when i was there i bought an individually-packaged adult diaper in a dollar store, oddly enough, that was very thick and absorbent.

    in a country in which 21% of citizens are over the age of 65 there's bound to be quite a selection of top-quality adult diapers. have you done any hunting around in medical stores and such?

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    The Japanese tend to specialize in cloth diapers. So it's perfectly reasonable that they wouldn't have good disposable diaper selection.

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    Ugh it turns out shipping will be £30.00, the diapers themselves are £5.25, so that's like $2 a pair... and $55...:/
    No I haven't tried any Japanese diapers I'd be afraid of buying the wrong size and I'm just nervous in general about buying from a store, and besides I would have to have a way to hide them when I took them home.

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