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    baby kiffer

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    ADISC community,

    I am deleting my account on ADISC, because I feel that the time has come for me to move on in my life.

    I wish to offer my greatest thanks and appreciation for all of you who have known me and have offered my support for the past three years I have been here (including the original TBDL site). The ADISC community has helped me through some tough times, and I cannot offer enough in thanks.

    However, I feel that I can move on now.

    I am not depressed, angry, or sad--just certain. The time for me to leave has come.

    Best wishes,

    Baby Kiffer

    PS: For those of you who requested art from me, I will fulfill your requests. However, I will not be taking any more. Check your inbox for my email address, so that we can keep in contact.

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    Well, it's always sad to see another person leave this site. :cryhankie: But if you feel you must and need to move on with life, then more power to you. I am happy to hear that we helped in some small way on the road to help you achieve the balance you needed and the focus to be able to move on ahead.

    So, in these parting words, I wish you the best of luck health to you and yours on this road we call life. If if you ever feel the need to come back here again, know that we will welcome you back with open arms. The door here is never closed and there is always a nice warm and cozy seat with hot chocolate and a cookie waiting for you should you come back.

    So, so long, and take care.

    *Starts a farewell hug pile for baby kiffer *

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    *joins the farewell hug pile* Bai bai..

    You can leave without deleting your account, though... Just saying..

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    Baby kiffer, even though I didn't get to know you very well I'll hate to see you go. Sounds like this isn't just a whim and you've thought this through feeling it's best for you. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors whatever they may be. Please don't forget us.

    BTW, you don't necessarily need to delete your account right away. It would just go inactive by itself. If you do that and decide later to return, you'd get your previous standing back just by posting again. Something to consider...


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    Yeah, don't be so hasty to delete your account. If you don't delete it, then it will still be there if you decide to stop by rarely. Up to you though.

    And.... goodbye *also joins the farewell hug pile*

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    A real shame to see you going.

    I didn't really know you, but I loved your artwork and I appreciated your occasional contributions to the forum. I wish I had gotten to know you better, but I saw you so occasionally it was difficult. In fact I was building up the confidence to ask you for some artwork. Not now though.

    I hope wherever life takes you that it takes you there healthy and happy. You deserve it for making the most thought out thread for leaving this site if nothing else.

    *belly flop snuggles the goodbye hug pile*

    i.e with the many hugs smiley thingy I'm the one who flies in from the cameras perspective

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    Everybody has a calling someday that will change their lives forever. This is one of them. Peace.

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    Go in peace. My prayers are with you. Yes, I pray, deist unaligned me. And in my experience it works. I trust you will fare well. *Joins the hugpile *

    /Me goes back to wondering, if prayer works, how to game the system.

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