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    Hey there, im new here if you hadnt guessed. Im a TB/DL still working up the courage to go and by my first package lol. Um fun facts im a thespian *cough* not a lesbian as most people joke, i sail, like to read, video games and play golf. lol so if you wanna talk hit me up

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    Haha I get the Lesbian joke all the time! Welcome to the forums , hope to see you around.

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    I dont get the joke. Do you mind explaining it to me?

    Wecome to ADISC! I hope you like it here. We are very welcoming and friendly. Please sit down and enjoy your stay.

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    [QUOTE]I dont get the joke. Do you mind explaining it to me?
    forrest whenever they announce on the announcements the international thespian society people always think lesbian society cuz usually its mainly girls in drama and gay guys but there are a few of us straight guys lol

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    yeah mandy im an actor are you a techie lol i think thats what it says on your little sign

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    Yeah I mostly do lighting , but I have 4 years acting under my belt. I might get back into it once the season starts again at school.

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    well thats no cool stage manager is were its at, i was assistant stage manager back stage cuz our last play was a musical and it was all girls lol

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    I'm going to a theatre summer camp to learn stage managing. But the only people who get to stage manage at my school are Juniors & Seniors! & Hey! Be nice to the light crew! Or you can say you're lines in the dark. Lighting is where it's at.

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