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    Hi there, I’m Ros, I’m an ABDL/Little. I’m an artist and musician, well I WANT to be haha, and spend most of my time doing something creative. I sing, play violin, piano, and I’m currently learning the banjo! My goal is to make original songs one day along with a cartoon pilot and a pixel RPG!

    I’m disabled so I don’t go to school or have a “real” job, I do independent modeling work online and create content, but I live with my parents still.

    I have a cat and a dog and my parents have two dogs, I love all animals though. I also am a HUGE nerd, I love video games, comics, anime, manga, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror most of all. I also build gunpla in my spare time and make my own clothes and jewelry.

    I have my hand in every artistic cookie jar and I really like everything creative so if you do ANY kind art, even stuff others don’t see as art, I’d LOVE to chat about it because all art is my passion.

    I grew an interest in diapers after having been in the ddlg community for a while on tumblr and realized I wanted to try regressing to younger ages, I have still yet to wear them but I’m picking some up today! I joined this site to be able to be more active in the ABDL community, I would like to have the confidence to make posts but I will likely lurk for a bit, I also like the resources and information you all share with each other and I find it helpful and would hope to one day contribute!

    Honestly I’d like to make some friends with similar interests and just be part of the community. Thanks for reading my intro ramble and I hope we see each other around and you have a lovely day! <3
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    Hello PrincessRosalind and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Thanks Egor! I think I may be one of the few people to write this much though haha

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    Welcome! It's nice to see someone so enthusiastic and willing to share^^

    I like how you phrased that, "hand in every artistic cookie jar". I guess you could say the same about me, I draw, play the violin, sing and sew. Do you also make Little clothing? I'd love to have someone to exchange ideas with!

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    Ahhhhh yay! Another artist and musician, especially cool to find another violin player, we’re rare! Little clothing is actually my next step, I currently make a lot of Japaneselolita fashion stuff, bloomers/JSK/skirts, and I have a bunch of vintage patterns for all manner of stuff I’ve experimented with, my favorites are the kiddie what I call “Dolores/Dolly” style clothes that are more common in vintage, though I’d like to alter the patterns so they can fit more people because they are extremely tiny haha, I’ve also made 1 pair of undies that had a nice diaper cover look to it and I’m hoping to recreate it succeessfully one day. I’ve got some bodysuit patterns that I want to figure out how to alter into a onesie if I can. So I suppose the short answer is kind of? Not exactly adult sized baby clothes, but things I think work for the little “style” it would be amazing to have a buddy to talk about this stuff with, seamstresses are rare too lol

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