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Thread: Traumatic/ Semi-traumatic experiences as kids

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    just saying, this will probably be used to help me form an infamous infantilism theory but has anyone had any particularly traumatic experiences with diapers as a child? i know i have

    It wasn't the diapers per say that was the problem it was how my parents dealt with the diapers, i was five years old when i learned that my parent didn't find diapers acceptable.

    I was still relatively young. At five years old you think you know so much when in actuality you know so little. My brother was still a toddler and as a result was sill wearing diapers. To this day i'm still not sure if i was jealous or just curious but one day something possessed me to take a diaper out of the diaper bin and try it on, so I did. I went into the bathroom and quickly put on a diaper, the straps made the best noises i had heard and the diaper smelt fresh. Analyzing the situation this could even be seem as a kind of "pre-infantilism." Me knowing that i liked diapers but for no apparent reason at such a young age however seems impossible. I wore the diaper all day and to my surprise my parents did not notice at all. I must have been an extremely good boy that day because my mother and father were known to beat me for every little thing. Before i went to sleep i took my diaper off and made one of the worst mistakes of my five year old life, hiding the diaper in my toy box and simply closing the lid.

    My parents had no need to go into my toys so for a week or two i was safe. That was until my father lost something of his. My father believed the best way to discipline a child was by beating them, i would soon learn so. He soon came to the conclusion that i had hid it in my toy box, he found two used diapers. My father became enraged and asked me to explain myself, with me unable to come up with a good lie my father beat me with the back of his hand quickly on the but. Five times fast in a row he was able to beat someone and that's exactly what he did. He soon pulled my pants down and held the diaper and screamed at me. "Are you a baby" "NO" i screamed back confused and crying. "So why are you wearing these?" he asked yelling all the while. My brother started to cry in the background. "I don't know" i screamed backed crying hysterically. "Do you want to be a baby? Huh?" He asked. "Do you want to wear diapers to school and have all your friends laugh at you." Naturally i wanted to scream "YES!" when i was a little older i thought that that would have had me set for life but i know now that, that was his sadistic way of getting me to bow down. I wanted to tell him "yes please treat me like a baby" but i knew i could not and i had common sense, so giving him the answer i knew he wanted to hear, i said "no." He then beet me again with five consecutive slaps twice in a row and left me on the bed bawling. I never stopped loving diapers though, i would look at them when i passed by the diaper bin. I learned to regress my addiction all the way up till age twelve

    Looking back on the experience it's quite obvious that this is one of the reasons i was able to deny my love of diapers from 12-14 and also i think it may have increased my love for them. Yeah so that's my story in a nut shell, anyone else have a similar story?

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    Wow I am sory this happened to you...I had a bad diaper expeirance but it was not nearly as severe as this. All that happened to me is I remember being potty trained and it was rushe very fast by my parents, without even a pull up transition. They made me sit on the potty for hours refusing to give me a diaper 95% of the time. It was horrible, so I can't even imagine how bad your expeirance was.

    I hope all is better with you and your family now.

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    Not with diapers, but I have had traumatic experiences.
    First was when I was born I almost died.(lack of air)
    second was when I fell out of a tree and landed on my back.<<< hurt like hell
    third was when I flipped my bike into a ditch and hit my head on concrete.
    Also I was really sick as a child so I got taken care of a lot more then normal.

    OH the list goes on as I get older....

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    Quote Originally Posted by babynaruto1 View Post
    When was Potty Training created?
    How is that relevant to the thread?

    As for me, I don't really remember anything, I know that my big bro was jealous one day when I was a baby and he pushed me down a table, bed or something. I don't have any memory of being potty trained, except ONE faint memory of bedwetting.

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    i was spanked a few times as a kid, but i deserved it and it probably wasn't nearly as severe as yours was.

    anyway, my tramatic experiance was that i was suisidal. i thought that no one liked me and would be better off if i was dead. i was a stupid little kid and i couldn't understand how not to care what other people thought about me.

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    I've had me ass belted like that plenty of times too. I wouldn't say it was all that traumatic to me though, maybe a bit sore when I couldn't sit lol

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