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Thread: New Star Trek film, anyone seen it yet?

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    Default New Star Trek film, anyone seen it yet?

    As many know, I am a devout Star Trek fan, but due to work and a family situation I had to miss seeing the new movie with my friends. So, I was wondering if anyone here saw it because I plan to see it sometime in the next week.

    I already know the plot thanks be to some idiots I know who couldn't keep their excited yaps shut. Mutters under breath, 'damn freaking nerds.... ruin the movie for me...'

    I was wondering what others thought of it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    I am a devout Star Trek fan,
    I too am a devout Star Trek fan. Good to know there are at least two of us on ADISC.

    I didn't get to go see it last night, and I think I'll probably just wait for it to get to the second run theaters.

    I've heard some things about the film that I can't say I really like...but, whatever. It's entertainment, and I'm confident it'll deliver in that regard.

    Could probably go see it today, but the weather's shaping up to be really nice (at least out my window right now), and I'd like to spend some time in that.

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    Default It was awesome!!!!

    I'm sorry you already had the movie surprises spoiled for you, but it really is worth seeing.

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    Parents are going to see it this morning; I'd go but i'm recked after a concert last night.

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    Another devout trekky here. As for the movie I plan on going to see it later today. I'm hopeing they keep to the Star trek history at least some what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PostTenebrasLux View Post

    I think I'll probably just wait for it to get to the second run theaters.
    Don't wait. It is best enjoyed on a BIG screen with a proper THX/DTS surround cranked up.

    I really enjoyed the movie, and I think, overall, the new cast wears these characters well. My only reservation was Uhura, but it's slight.

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    For me, I have always been more of a star wars fan and had no real interest in Star Trek until voyager. *ducks the inevitablly thrown something*.

    I can't really speak for how much trekkies will like it, but I thought it kicked ass. Didn't tackle any moral topics really, but it was just fun.

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    I am seeing it on Tuesday in a Imax. It costs 12 bucks.... at 10:25 am!

    (Edit: For the record I never liked Star Terk, even when they had Patrick Stewart. However J.J. makes it seem less nerdy yet still has the full star terk feel.)

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    I want to go sometime... but I may have to wait a month or so for it go get into the $2 theatre down the road... it's hard for us to afford $7 each just to get into a movie... little lone the popcorn & etc.

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