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Thread: Need to get this off my chest....

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    During my teenage years, long before I'd transition, I 'borrowed' clothes from my sister and my mom. I thought I was horrible.

    But now I have all my own panties and bras and skirts and dresses and leggings. And people look at me funny if I'm not wearing a bra, lol.

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    Thank you everyone for the support, this really means the world to me! I can't talk about it with any of my peers, because they just wouldn't understand it. It's such a blessing to have such supportive, understanding, and nonjudgemental people on here to help us through these difficult stigmas!

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    I use to do the same thing with my younger sister bra and panties. No need to feel guilty, and others have done this.

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    Hey a lot of cross dressers and person's started by trying stuff let it go no harm was done.
    Don't beat yourself up for things you did when you were young.
    We all did thing we regret .
    Dwell on on the good if you wise you can be very nice to your sister.

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