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    I have a question.. I was started on a new medicine ( Depakote ) I think thats it, and I know I feel peaceful but I still have manic/OCD thoughts sometimes.. what exactly is this medicine supposed to do?
    Ive been taking it for 2 nights and tonight will be my 3rd night taking it..

    The reason I am on this medicine is because of Bipolar/Manic Episodes and mild OCD.. I don't know what all this is going to do to me, can someone explain to me what it is supposed to do because I can't find all the information online and I am thinking maybe someone here might know this? And how long does it take to become effective ( FP told me it will take 2 weeks? )

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    Wow, you are really going to want to ask your doctor if he can explain everything to you, especially if the meds start to give you any side effects. Plus he will know your medical record better then all of us.

    Maybe read up about the drug on its wikipedia page here and check out the links it gives to see if any of those sites have more information about it. But the best thing to do is just phone your doctor and ask him

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    I propose a sticky for a few medical threads (reference, not giving specific medical advice) as is being proposed for the diaper threads. This would be helpful, as these questions keep coming up.

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    *looks Innocent * not referring to my few threads of medical issues?

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    Here's a reference I use a lot for quickie stuff, for more in depth stuff I got to my college library and check out the DSM studies books and related material. Internet Mental Health

    I am not a doctor, let me get that out of the way. I do read a lot about pharmacology and related disorders and as a type 2 bipolar patient I would say I have a more than adequate grasp of the test reports for certain medications.

    While it is commonly done and strongly suggested against with bipolar patients or those with bipolar type symptoms many doctors treat the disease as if it is a modification on depression. Studies within the last 6 years or so has discovered this can reduce the over all success rate to medication by about half, and considering its a hit or miss in the first place thats not good. Its always best to treat both manic and depressive symptoms at the same time, otherwise medications can either trigger the opposite mood or in the event of your body rejecting the effects the mood meant to be controlled will get worse. Kind of like how many antidepressants carry the warning that if it doesn't work it could increase the risk of suicide.

    Like many mood stablizers Depakote is one of those where they don't know exactly how is works in relation to the body but many of the medications functions can be traced, all except for the mood stablizing part basically. It has been noted what Depakote attaches to chemically, where it goes in the body, and it can and will be fully metabolized safely. From what I can tell its an alternative to Lithium Carbonate with a lower rejection rate and a slightly reduced ability to control moods in the way lithium does. Also its been shown to reduce migraines in patients that have a history of them, in addition to being used successfully in some capacity to reduce epileptic seizures.

    Like all things your doctor should know best, however (with bipolar patients) its best to balance a mood stabilizer with an antidepressant. Judging from the test reports between the 1st and 2nd week is when the levels of medication in your blood will stabilize and start to work properly. Best to give it an honest 3 weeks before drawing too many conclusions.

    I can tell you from experience starting medications is always harder than stopping them. Its also the most "dangerous" time. Personally I have had zero luck with some of the best medications most likely due to the improper drug therapy at the start. Again your results may (and will) vary. If you have any questions or concerns that can't be answered by the website I listed then don't be afraid to call your doctor, they expect questions and when you ask them its a good sign that you're on board.

    Most doctors don't explain medications, how they work, what they should do exactly so don't be too worried.

    If you think your manic moods are getting out of hand its a good thing to have friends or family around that knows the score since I know how difficult it can be to realize you're having a manic episode.

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    All of the meds I was ever on I got the full discription, and how they worked, side effects off the phamplet that came with the meds.

    One med I questioned was neurontin, it is an epilectic drug but it was given to me as part of a pain management system, it did stop the buruning from the nerve damage from my injury.

    Call or drop by your pharmacy and ask them for the info, they may have it attached or in the original container the drug came in.

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