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    Default Warhammer 40k?

    Does anyone out there share with me the pastime of W40k, the game that's geekiness is selfsame with Dungeons and Dragons?

    If yes, then, what is your favorite and your least favorite army? Also, do you play more for the game or the hobby? And finally, in all facetious *B/DL style, have you ever done a game session while padded?

    My favorite army would be a three way tie between the Space Marines and Witch Hunters, though Eldar are up there in the top three. Right now I play Witch Hunters. My least favorite would definitely be the Tau, simply because they are supposed to be gods of ranged fighting, yet their ballistics skill is lower than standard troops of many other armies.

    It comes as a 50/50 on the second question. I both like playing Witch Hunters as well as painting and collecting the miniatures. I collect Space Marines mostly to paint them, same goes for Eldar.

    And yes, I have gone through sessions padded. It's helpful not to have to get up and go while monitoring the enemy players moves.

    Gods, I feel kinda stupid answering my own questions like that. I hope that I'm not the only poster in this thread, I can't be alone in the grim darkness of the 41st century!

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    I did play it but for me it has just gotten too expensive. If I had it as a hobby I felt like I couldn't afford to have any others. I still have my models, and vast numbers of codeces, but I haven't used them in quite a while, and I don't see myself buying anymore. I would enjoy it if I were to play it, but I don't want to be obsessed by it because of the amount of money I would be spending.

    When I did play, I prefered Tau or Eldar. I liked to try and get a characterful army instead of one designed to win all the time, and worked on the theory of balance instead of one powergaming supercool combo. I was winning pretty much consistantly with Tau, and drawing or winning with Eldar. My favourite army to play was Eldar, and for pure simple chracter I loved Chaos and Orks, even though I never played with them.

    I was focused on the game. I knew the rulebook back to front, though I tried not to be a rules lawyer. I also knew a lot about the background for lots of the races and events of the 40k universe. I was a terrible painter, though I did often try one or two conversions on my models. Didn't get round to painting them - I found it boring, hard and they came out looking crap.

    I never played while padded. Indeed while I was playing I don't think I even had access to diapers and I only played once in a blue moon anyway. I still look at the rule book now and again and try to make up rules for my own armies - but I don't play.

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    I love that game, and I really want to get back into it.

    I played Space Marines and Orks, which I found to be pretty much the opposite of each other.

    I used to love painting them and putting them together... I remember the lovely smell of that stuff you used to melt the plastic together.

    I stopped playing because the only other person I knew who played it died, and without a partner it's no fun.

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