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    Well I'm sure that some of you wonder why the forums were down for a few minutes a while ago. Here is why.

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    Didn't know explosions could be reverted that fast. What did you use, atomic fusion?


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    Oh Lord, they are accusing the members of ADISC for this crime! for the recent news; for yesterday's event.
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    haha sweet.

    "He gave us a clue on the criminal's identity. His username on the ADISC forums is 'DarkSunDS'..."

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    That's it guys. I'm done for... Thanks to everyone who collaborated by buying the bomb and placing it near the servers. Hopefully we will succeed someday.

    EDIT: I am typing this in the local Horncastle prison. I confessed everything. Just scroll down a bit.
    By the way, I hope you don't mind this, Moo, Raccoon, Ayanna and Trevor. XD
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