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Thread: Did Your Parents Give You Infantilist Desires?

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    Default Did Your Parents Give You Infantilist Desires?

    Over the years, I've thought about this a lot. Did my parents contribute to my infantilism? My conclusion is through various ways, yes. I am not saying they were entirely responsible, but they contributed. Let me explain. I was toilet trained at 2.5 years mostly because my brother was born at that time and they did not want two kids in diapers. Despite the numerous accidents I can remember, my parents refused to investigate the matter with a professional or allow me to go back to wearing diapers. As my mom would say many times, diapers were for babies. Instead, I was spanked for accidents and told to grow up. As fate would have it, when I was around 5 we moved next door to a boy who was just a little younger than me, but was still diapered full-time. I witnessed his mom changing him and giving him all the time in the world to get out of diapers. That's when things changed for me. I wanted to wear diapers no matter what my parents said. That's when I also wanted my mom to be like his mom. I've never considered it as wanting to be a baby. I just wanted support and security for my delayed maturation. I'm wondering how many other people were in similar situations.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't think my parents contributed much in that department. I had a more practical interest in diapers when I was a kid because my dad was a jackass when he drove long distances and would only stop when *he* had to go to the bathroom. So my sister and I usually just had to suffer if we were in a car a long time. So I remember thinking that it would have been good to have access to diapers so I wouldn't be so uncomfortable.

    So I can't say it was fetish-related at that point.

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    I think my father is responsible for my fetish. I was 3 when I had an accident and my father went ballistic. He scared me so bad I hid behind the couch and cried myself to sleep. It was not long after that I began thinking about diapers.

    I'm not certain this was the cause, but is the earliest memory I have of my interest in diapers.

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    For me, I do not think it was really pushed by my parents. I was potty trained at a late age, so my parents never really pushed me out of diapers to begin with. However, I can definitely see how this fetish could possibly be pushed by parents, especially in Priva's, Spaz's, and Butterfly Mage's cases.

    The whole culture of being an AB/DL is quite diverse in itself. For some individuals, it could had been caused by parents. Some it could had been caused by other reasons. For some it was just inside the whole time. All we know for certain is that we're all here, one way or another, parents or not.

    - Asher

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    I don't think my parents really influenced my infantilism. Maybe growing up being raised only by mom, who didn't scold me at all for wetting the bed (the response was night-time diapers for a couple of years), could have contributed to it. I think it just came from some of my first memories. I can distinctly remember back in pre-school watching a lot of my friends get their diapers changed, and I can remember specifically wetting myself many days after snack time (Oh the things that an infantilist would remember!).

    Eh, it could be, or it couldn't be, I guess I'll never know.

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    Early memories are remembered precisely because they were traumatic, exciting and/or stressful. Probably not a coincidence that those of us who got stuck on diapers at an earlier age can recall a particularly poignant memory involving them. I guess the question I'll never know is had my parents not acted the way they did when I was very young, would I still want to wear diapers (taking into account my overactive bladder and irritable bowels)?

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    No. Not at all actually.

    (And if they were...i definitely dont remember)

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    For me, my parents divorced early, and I was in a position where I had to grow up quickly and start taking care of myself a lot. I never really had much of a carefree childhood, and I think that's the main reason that lead me down this path.

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    I highly doubt it. If anything I just naturally liked diapers I just preferred diapers more then use of the toilet. Of course now I get the best of both worlds.

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    Nothing really happened in my childhood that I can say affected me in my desires. But I mean I've never really analyzed it in that way, taking how my parents were into consideration. Not to say I didn't have my troubles during childhood (I did, trust me), but I don't know if they contributed to my feelings. I think the main thing that makes me how I am is my extreme fear of death, and a desire to be at an age where that didn't matter. The only thing I could imagine is the fact that both my mother and great-grandmother (who I lived with also), did their best to give me a great childhood. But I mean my desires go way back, to a time where things were already like that. Perhaps, subconsciously, it somewhat adds to it though.

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