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Thread: What's the connection?

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    Default What's the connection?

    When I revealed to my partner that I was a DL, they had asked me if I was also into wearing panties too since it was also common among those who wore diapers. (They have prior knowledge of kinks in general, not specifically AB/DL).

    I said no at the time and didn't think much of it, but after consideration I thought about it more and I think I'd be into trying it. Looking into it more the usual CD/TV stuff came up but I couldn't find any relation to AB/DL.

    What makes this appealing to those who wear diapers?

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    Control by means of "submission"? Baby gets what baby wants. Same with sissies.

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    I actually like wearing women's​panties over my pull ups during the day because they are shaped​ better to hold everything in place better.

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    I have seen this mentioned from time to time but I don't think it's common among ABDLs. If it sounds fun, give it a try. I don't care for any regular underwear over my diaper. Onesies or nothing!

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    I would much rather be wearing (plastic) diaper covers over diapers with a panty like motif - frilly lace edging and rows of ruffled lace trim on the bum - even all around.
    Object making discrete noisy moves while giving perhaps a tantalizing glimpse of this profound undergear !
    Really unless wearing grannie panties you can't duplicate this and don't have the overall protection of the cover.

    Image - binkies_n_bows ebay seller:Click image for larger version. 

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    I don't think it's a matter of submission, at least not for me. For me, I also tend to wear girls' clothes, sometimes just because it's something I want to wear, other times because it's part of an AB/DL thing.

    Also, babylock1, what's the link for those?

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    Oh my lions tigers and bears - hope you are wearing that protection (diapers) you could get awfully excited and lose it !
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