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Thread: Have you ever commissioned someone to draw diaper art for you?

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    Default Have you ever commissioned someone to draw diaper art for you?

    Have you ever commissioned someone to draw diaper art for you?

    Name:  f2u___black_flowers_sparks___divider_by_vvhiskers-d76kzrj.png
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    If so! Please show it!
    Who was the artist?
    Was it of a human character? Or a furry character? Or was it yourself?
    Can you tell me about the character in the art? Why chose them?

    (I didint put this in furries because it includes human character to and just general diapery-ness and art)
    Art by vvhiskers on DA

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    The fabulous Ozbub did my avatar here on ADISC.

    Mine isn’t so much a character as just what I really wanted.

    Love artists!

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    PinkDiapers on Deviant Art did my avatar. It was done from a real picture of me in a cloth diaper and plastic pants. Best part, we've become friends since then.

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    tavimunk has made many avatars that you see here. If it's a DF avatar, probably better than 50/50 chance it's tavi.

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    Cuddlehooves on Furaffinity made the one I use as my Profile picture often(I edited it and cleaned it up a little, because the original one I commissioned I felt like I wanted to change it up a little,(got tired of red borders, went blue) extend it and make it into a wallpaper.
    They are one of the better padded pony artists I know of.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Jonny blu.jpg 
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    I've commissioned a lot in the past, Just padded pony stuff. But unfortunately most of the good padded pony artists I desperately wanted to commission have either become so exclusive and only do art for friends, making it impossible to get something from them, or they only open slots through twitter, Facebook, Patreon or make YCH auctions that end up costing more than what I could make in a month
    (I won't make a FB or twitter account, too much risk nowadays)
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    I haven't commissioned anyone to do diaper art for me. How much do people usually pay for such commissions?

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    My big sis is an awesome artist!! I asked her if she could draw me as a two-year-old with a giant teddy bear:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_Me and bear.jpg 
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    She's very talented.

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    I've commissioned a couple of pieces of the Engineer from TF2 in diapers, but the artist I got them from turned out to not be a great person, so I don't think about them very often.

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    I kinda did, but it didn't go well. I asked one of my friends (who I was involved in a long-distance relationship with) who knew about me wearing diapers to draw a certain picture (not going into specifics, but it wasn't dirty) that I wanted. Didn't work. -_-

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