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Thread: Uncooked or cooked oatmeal for diaper? Safe?

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    Default Uncooked or cooked oatmeal for diaper? Safe?

    A friend of mine said he tried uncooked oatmeal in his diaper and he said it was great. I need to ask 2 questions:

    1. Would you rather use cooked or uncooked oatmeal in your diaper? What is the difference?

    2. As a female, I really need to it safe? Whether the oatmeal is cooked/uncooked...will it harm me/my genital area in any way?

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    As long as it's not hot out of the pan (or microwave) it should be safe. The pre-sweetened kind is probably not good for your cooch, though.

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    I assume you are doing this to simulate the feel of a messy diaper?

    I usually get good mileage out of a banana or mashed potatoes, but I have used oatmeal before, it's definitely one of the cheaper options. You'll probably want to try cooked oatmeal, raw oatmeal even when mixed with water is hard and scaly, not very comfy down there at all. Cook some up in hot water until it's lukewarm. Always remember to do a finger test before adding it to your diaper, if it's too hot you're not gonna have a good time. Natural, unsweetened Oatmeal is actually very good for the skin, they recommend oatmeal baths for people with dry, itchy skin and when I was a child and had the chickenpox, the doctor told my mom that I was to take nothing but oatmeal baths for a week... so yes, oatmeal is completely safe and quite soothing.

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    Always cook it first. Don't be like me and put it in your diaper thinking you can use your bodily fluids to give it texture. I don't know why I thought that would work though. I've always microwaved it and poured it down the back of my diaper knowing how good it is for my skin.poofybutt is right about it being too hot but if you do happen to burn yourself, you'll be fine after awhile. Just pull it down and cool for about a minute and pull it back up.

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    And I'm just thinking how itchy that would be to have uncooked oatmeal on your booty. LOL Shake your butt and out flies little oats.

    I've never done it, but I can attest that oatmeal is very good for skin, so you should be just fine. :3 I've had oatmeal soaks before in the tub. (Tied the oatmeal inside a clean old sock, threw it in and let it soak in the hot water. Keeps the oats contained but lets the good stuff release into the water. )

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    I just use the instant stuff. Mix it up in warm water and you have what you want in less time than it takes to check back here. I do also mix a very small amount of vegetable oil so it doesn't dry out so bad.

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    I get the cheap instant stuff (non-sweetened), add cold water until it's the right consistency, then cook it in the microwave for a few minutes (until it starts expanding and filling up the bowl). Then I let it cool for at least 20 minutes (it holds the heat in well).

    A quick finger check to make sure it's the right temperature, then I pour it with a spoon onto the appropriate place on a flat open nappy, and put it on me while lying down on my changing mat.

    Works a treat for that babyish feeling! And without any smell to deal with, or the worry of getting a rash. Just be careful if you wet, because it'll get absorbed by the mix and stay against your skin.

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    Oatmeal is actually absolutely beneficial to the skin and is used in a lot of creams to treat skin problems.

    Make sure you get the plain instant oatmeal, they sell them in big canisters quite cheaply, flavored ones contain sugar which will make it a sticky mess.

    Cook it before you put it in your diaper, let it cool off of course. The amount of water you add will allow you to set a custom preference.

    Oatmeal, to me is the best alternative, not only does it benefit the skin, but it also doesn't rot/smell fast like other alternatives like bananas, or potatoes they smell ok at first, but they start to get bad rather quickly, and therefore lasts longer than the others, and customizable.

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    Thank you all so very much!!! I am so happy to see all of your replies!

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