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Thread: Shaving

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    I use and electric razor and a normal razor to then smooth it out. Itís a process the only way to get it real smooth is to wax.

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    I just use scissors and just get really close, can't stand the bristly feeling when it's stubble.

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    I know many of us here on this forum shave our diaper area to help reduce odor and make cleaning up easier. Obviously there are several ways to remove the unwanted hair in this area but i have been so happy with the performance and ease of use of the small battery powered Braun M90 shaver that I wanted to pass it on to everyone here.
    As you can see from the picture below it's a foil head type shaver which is great since it totally eliminates the possibility of any nicks in this sensitive area. After use my skin feels smooth but due to the thickness of the foil head it actually cuts the hair just above the skin surface which, at least in my experience, has totally eliminated ingrown hairs. It also features a small slide out trimmer which can cut longer hairs. I use it about every other day for about five minutes to keep things clean and smooth. Best of all the shaver can be purchased for about $23 on several web sites. It runs on two AA batteries which last quite a long time and it's so compact that you can easily take it along on trips. Sorry if this sounds like an ad for Braun but I hope this might help some of us deal with an issue that many of us have on a nearly daily basis.

    Braun M90 Shaver
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    Shaving downstairs is easy with the use of an electric shaver and a mirror for reference. Keeping hair from growing back is nigh impossible and all dependent on how hairy you are to begin with. I'm a fairly hairy individual, but my body hair grows back at a snails pace compared to my facial hair. If I shave downstairs it takes usually 4 weeks or more for it to grow back to the point at which I have to shave it again. I have heard that if you shave or keep things trim regularly you can prevent it from growing back at a regular rate.

    As others have said, waxing is certainly an option. I had a friend who waxed parts of his body and it took months for the hair to begin growing back. Waxing however has a few major drawbacks, for one thing it's a painful process and secondly, it can lead to impacted follicles and ingrown hairs. For that second reason alone, I've never considered getting a wax.

    As ESPF has pointed out, the only surefire way to remove hair and prevent it from coming back is electrolysis. I actually have an appointment booked for my back and diaper zone next week. I've had minor electrolysis appointments in the past, touch ups mostly, while it's a pricey service it's not nearly as painful as waxing appears to be and with a follow-up treatment the follicles are more a less all closed up, you can expect some hair to grow back, but it's barely noticeable like peach fuzz.

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    Phillips Norelco electric shaver got the thing down pat now every couple of days I do it to keep things very clean though from head to toe I hate the sandpaper feel of body hair YUCK!

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    I don't hit it with a razor, but I do hit it with some electric clippers to keep it super short. Comes with the territory for easy cleanup and odor reduction.

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    I’m not overly hairy, but it still grows back guickly enough. A women’s 5 blade razor and shave gel every other day and Nair about once a week. I really like to be smooth both front and rear. I even find it to be a bit of a turn on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClickyKeys View Post
    I just use scissors and just get really close, can't stand the bristly feeling when it's stubble.
    Same here, I get out the scissors when the leg gathers and leak guards start pulling on my pubes. Trim them down shorter and the problem goes away for awhile.

    And yes, you definitely do not want stubble down there. Itches like crazy for days!

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    Electric clippers to keep it "well trimmed" in my guy front area - about every 1 - 1.5 weeks; no stubble. Razor on my backside and in the "canyon" to keep it very clean. My backside takes more than 4 weeks to grow even a bit back so for my backside it is about every 45 - 60 days.

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