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Thread: Awkward experiences while buying baby things?

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    One time a few years ago (I think I was like 14 or 15 at the time? And I also looked a lot like a girl because of my long hair and such.) I was out with my mother at the Grocery store and I had a pack of Girls Goodnites (I prefered the girls ones cause yeah and I'm trans lol) And these 3 or 4 older teenaged cashiers walked past us at the self checkout, looked right at the goodnites on the belt and started laughing. To this day I don't know if it was something else they saw or were talking about prior, or if it was the diapers and them automatically assuming they were for me (They were but shhhhh). There were 4t/5t girls Pullups too. Needless to say I was super embarrassed.

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    I've never had any awkward experiences. When I've bought Goodnites, I've always used a self-checkout lane. Don't mind buying wipes or baby diapers; I look to be the age of someone who could have children, and I only buy wipes when I have enough items in my cart that they'd be concealed if I ran into someone. I've never bought the sort of adult diapers you can buy in a supermarket or pharmacy.

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