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Thread: Adult Pacifiers

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    Fairly new to all this. Naive. Where do get the best adult-sized pacifiers? I've been to Walmart etc...
    Have you tried any pacifiers yet?

    The reason I ask is you may want to get the largest baby pacifier that is sold in local stores to see if you like pacifiers enough to purchase an adult pacifier. An adult pacifier is usually much more expensive than a baby pacifier and if you decide that you don't want a pacifier, you would not have spent too much.

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    I would recommend the LittleForBig bigshield gen 2. I have an average sized mouth and they are great for me. My wife has a smaller mouth and she did not like them. Last night I slept all through the night and my paci didn't fall out. I don't know if it's related, but I also didn't wake my wife up with my snoring. So win/win for both of us.

    I got my pacifiers off amazon. I think it was around $15 for a three pack. Black, white, and green. Nothing fancy, but I really enjoy them. I've used the black one exclusively about six months now. Not every night, but a few a week. It's holding up well in my opinion. The wife is concerned about pacifier use affecting my teeth or I would use it every night.

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