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Thread: Helpful info needed on the wellness briefs

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    Default Helpful info needed on the wellness briefs

    Has anyone used the wellness briefs lately and if so what do you think of them. I used them years ago untill all the pin hole leaks and the ripping of the plastic and i loved them they held a ton and swelled huge so i want to try them again but i never see any reviews of them so can someone help me

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    They used to be my favorite lower capacity diaper but I abandoned them when they developed their pinhole leak and stretching/tearing problems. They still reference this in their product description:

    However, if you're still inclined, they do free samples:

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    They are not very good considering their price. Grealy over hyped, and NOT ed ven close to a NASA diaper loke they claim. There is plenty better out there.

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    I never bought into that NASA grade hype. I discovered the hard way about the ripping plastic and pinhole leakage. I was wearing one of them to work underneath my khakis. Good thing I had got off for the night and was on my way home when all of a sudden; I let a flood go into the diaper. I didn't notice that the plastic had ripped from movement or the leakage until my legs started getting wet and I looked down at my khakis and they were soaked! Good thing I was on my way home and no one noticed my wet condition. I would have two more nights that would end up the same way with these diapers so I got rid of the rest of them by donating them. I never have went back to wellness briefs. There are far better quality diapers out there than what these pieces of junk were.

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    Haha! That NASA thing and a pic of an astronaut on their webpage was quite funny I havenīt ever tried those tho, because they havenīt ever been nicely available in Europe I guess. I think when Comficare (old Betterdry) came into the market, it changed the name of the game and most of the people who liked to try thick and absorbent plain white diapers.. including me , were really happy about this! During the same year, many good printed ABDL diapers found their ways into the European market and Iīm really glad that they did! What comes about the issue when tapes has ripped off the plastic.. yea, I have experience about this too. It depends if the diaper haves landing zone for the tapes or not and also the thickness of the plastic. Gladly, I havenīt came across with issue than only few times.

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    I had the same problem with them splitting right in the middle of the backing. I emailed them and never got a response. Later down the line, I got a promotional email from them with an offer to try a free sample of new and improved version. I requested a sample and they responded that I cannot have a free sample, that they already gave me too many samples over the course of a couple years (~3, one or two of which they sent me without me even requesting). I had previously bought multiple cases, but after that, I decided I will never do business with them again.

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    You could definitely do much better in this department. Wellness Briefs aren't very good for a variety of reasons. They don't do a good job keeping wetness from the skin. The plastic is cheap and thin, they didn't wick very well. They also tend to clump. I recommend to try other brands. Northshore, Dry 24/7, BetterDry, are all better alternatives.

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    I got a sample from them once. Their marketing has always been pretty neat, and they look like they should be in a top tier diaper range, but l never even got to find out their absorbency because the tapes on the samples immediately ripped off.

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    Hmm, let me offer a different opinion. Wellness diapers are one of my favorite diapers because: 1) I like the pale blue color of the plastic, 2) They are thin enough to be discreet yet absorbent enough for extended wear. I have not had the malfunction problems noted in the threads above and I have been using them, not exclusively, for several years. The only time they leak, is when I am soaked and sit down for awhile, like now at the computer, but any diaper will leak under those conditions. All in all one of my favorite diapers.

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