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Thread: was just wondering...

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    Default was just wondering...

    i was just wondering if i'm the only one here who sometimes wishes he could be the opposte sex fo a day or something, dunno it's just last couple of months i've grown more and more girly (i blame my female friends at school) and sometimes i even think about a sex change. maybe it's just curiosity but i can't be the only one, can i?

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    I don't know if I'd go lopping off my man bits, but when I was a teen I wondered about the different sensations of being female (from wearing girl skirts, tights, etc... to having the girl parts). I wouldn't say it was often, but, yeah.

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    don't get me wrong i love my man parts but i also kinda wish i had girl parts.

    if only i was a shapeshifter, could be both then hehe

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    If I could be a girl for a day, sure I'd try it. I had some thoughts about that when I was a teen, but I figured myself out and am quite happy being a guy. However if I could be a girl for a day, or maybe a week, and then revert back to my normal self, sure I'd do it.

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    Yeah... You aren't..

    I know for a fact that there's at least one other person who's thought about it (Me).

    And I'd be willing to bet that there are hundreds upon hundreds more.

    *shrugs* Don't ask me why, I figure it's because I'm bigendered.

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    i think everyone wonders at least occasionally what it would be like to be the opposite gender. some people wonder a lot, or get turned on by the idea. it's not at all unusual. it used to be a major preoccupation of mine when i was younger; i thought about it all the time. i've sort of lost interest as i've gotten older, though, and in the last few years i haven't given it hardly any thought at all.

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    You are definitely not the only one. Kill most of the stereotypes and I'd be much more happy being a guy (though maybe not 100%, but very close). People shouldn't expect me to be super macho muscle man or whatever just because I was born male. And I don't think it's fair that guys aren't allowed to wear cute stuff. Sometimes I'm glad I wasn't born female, but sometimes I wish I was. It's confusing.

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    Yay repost!

    There was a huge discussion/debate on this last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Yay repost!

    There was a huge discussion/debate on this last year.
    But it was closed so he couldnt really post there

    As for wanting to be a girl i dont want to be, but i guess if i could magically try it for a day i would As for advice i wouldnt go planing any operations just yet, could always just be a weird phase you're going though maybe go buy some girl clothes and try them to see how they make u feel *giggles*

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    I know I have thought about this a lot lately, as well. At first, I started thinking, after certain "actions", "I wonder what it feels like to be a girl, and to do that"... That was all good, at first, but then it started getting to be more than just a sexual-related thought... I would be thinking, about things like relationships, and how girls feel, and see the things of a relationship, and such, that I see... Things, like looks, gestures taken, things said, feelings expressed... It was kind of interesting. Then, it's started to carry over even more... Sometimes, when I would be walking around in the store, I'd pass a beautiful dress, or a bikini that would look really cute on a girl, and think, "I kinda wish I was a girl... Then I could wear that, and look pretty... I wish I could look good, and maybe even turn a few heads..." It's not that I like guys, it's complicated... It's that I wish I could be able to wear the cute stuff I see. Maybe I just think girls look too cute in it, therefore I want to be able to look the same way, sorta like a... I dunno, jealousy, maybe? I would definitely like to be a girl, for a day or so, to try out this aspect of being a girl. But then, as for sexuality, I kinda came to the conclusion, I wouldn't want to ever permanently give up my male genitals, I guess I've grown attached to them [No pun or creepiness intended.] I would be a girl for a day, for this aspect, too, but I also came to the conclusion, it would be pretty interesting to have both, but then again, I guess I'm just greedy like that. Anyways, yeah, I would totally try it, but I also like being a guy, too much to wanna ever get a sex change or anything like that.

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