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Thread: An obvious public sighting

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    Joshie seldom walks. He's usually in a stroller because he tires easily. But when he does walk; there's no mistaking his diaper bulge. Sometimes I walk with a bulge/waddle as well. Which brings me to my point. The person who was diapered and in pajama pants may be special needs like Joshie and me are. I'm just surprised someone would take the time to notice the diaper a person had on.

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    Anyway I was wondering if he didn't feel good either. I know because if I go out really sick, I just stay in pajamas. Been dressed in my Cookie Monster footed pajamas to go pick up pizza. Because I was so sick I didn't really want to move but mom wouldn't leave me home alone.

    Now I have seen some people that I wondered about before, but I usually just end up shrugging it off. Because it doesn't matter at the end of the day.

    Although I still do wonder about that couple at the park. I used to go to a local park to eat lunch at my old job and there were ALWAYS this guy and girl. They'd show up, mess around with the playground a bit and then disappear up into the wooded area (Where I knew there was a bunch of older playground structures) Once when they were on their way back to their car he was like "I told you if you were good for Daddy we'd go." Gives me pause. XD

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    Iíve only seen one adult wearing a diaper in public. It was an older man in front of me at the gas station, and his shirt was lifted to reveal a plain white diaper. It took me a second to even realize what it was, even with me wearing one at the same time. I donít think itís rude to notice and be intrigued by someone else possibly wearing a diaper, as long as your not making the other feel uncomfortable by staring at their butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bratfina View Post
    Will do! This is clearly a place I wouldn’t want to be.
    Please don’t just leave, most of us value, respect and accept you here.

    Your thread is relevant, intriguing and on topic.

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    Hehe, well.. I guess my diaper bulge/waddle is well noticeable wherever I go or whatever I wear I like to be thickly padded and it gives me also more secure feeling so, it is often that Iīm douple padded (with M and L size) and sometimes.. like yesterday I worn basic medical brand diaper underneath of AB themed one (Fabine Jeans diaper), so the diaper brand does not actually matter if i am double padded or not I can say also when my bf is padded because usually then he easily wears sweat pants or something similar and it is highly noticeable to spot diaper bulge

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    I've seen a few, besides myself, over the years wearing in public. NOSTLY in a couple of Detroit drag bars.

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    Diaper sightings happen, sometimes it is more obvious than other times,. I'm in a wheelchair so my line of sight is a little lower than most so sometimes I notice things, I mean I don't do it intentionally but still when you're at that height. I think there was one time when I thought is that person wearing a diaper and it was a middle aged woman who were wearing stretchy sort of trousers that were meant to look like denim but weren't denim and they didn't quite seem opaque and you could see she had some sort of out line of something underneath that were white, this was also within the grounds of a hospital, I was pushing myself to a bus stop so who knows.

    There was also another time I can remember when I was shopping in my local shopping centre and there was this guy who had a learning disability and his carer just pulled his trousers up a bit or tucked him in I can't remember and accidentally showed that he was wearing a nappy just at the time I was pushing myself by I was a bit surprised at this because for whatever reason I wouldn't of thought he was wearing but then again when you think about it there must be more people that have to wear for whatever reason than we think about just because of the amount of products on the market and the number of companies that do supply and I'm talking form a UK perspective as well where the NHS does supply people also

    As for the OP's sighting who knows why the guy was wearing pyjama bottoms there could be a host of different reasons as for why he was wearing perhaps he was IC, unwell or whatever although I might have been a bit more careful

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    Did he look well? pajama pants is a tad odd no matter the underwear, not that people around here don't wear them all the time though.
    Pajama pants are a common sight here, but Iím in the same town as a university, so it just may be a lazy college student thing

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    Pajama pants is nothing , and diaper is underwear , people need them and not , youd be supprized at how much people do need or wear protection for various reasons ,
    sometimes it is not noticeable or sometimes it is , dont mean they are doing on purpose to flaunt it ,

    Sure i have noticed some obvious diaper budgles a few times i was positive i saw a girl of same age with sweat and it seems like a diaper , but at the end of the day not a big deal ,
    same with other underpants sticking out , sure it ihappens one will see it

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    I work in a decidedly liberal, millennial city, in a pawn shop. I have seen men wearing dresses, Women wearing overly masculine clothing with mens style hair cuts, and people wearing pajama bottoms, or what look like pajama bottoms, out and about. there seems to be no response form the public, maybe a whisper or muffled chuckle. I believe our culture is changing to the point where oddities are more accepted, and in some circles where politically correctness, and where acceptance is the norm.

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