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Thread: An obvious public sighting

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayz View Post
    I work in a decidedly liberal, millennial city, in a pawn shop. I have seen men wearing dresses, Women wearing overly masculine clothing with mens style hair cuts, and people wearing pajama bottoms, or what look like pajama bottoms, out and about. there seems to be no response form the public, maybe a whisper or muffled chuckle. I believe our culture is changing to the point where oddities are more accepted, and in some circles where politically correctness, and where acceptance is the norm.
    This has been my overall city living experience as well. People are odd and that's okay. As long as they aren't trying to make me engage with their oddness, I can walk on by and/or look the other way. It's really easy.

    I wonder if the folks who are so worried about letting a little oddity slip just don't see it much in others or have somehow convinced themselves that our particular brand of strange is too much to be beheld?

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    A couple of weeks ago, I went to get gas on the motorcycle and pulled up to the pump. At the pump in front of me was a lady probably 10-15 years or so younger than me wearing patterned leggings that hugged her quite snugly. I normally wouldn't have even glanced her way but I happened to look in her direction and when I did she looked right at me and patted her butt which of course drew my attention to it. Lo and behold there was a quite noticeable diaper bulge there, it was hard not to stare so I quickly looked up and she smiled and patted her butt again. I did maintain my composure (safety first doncha know, I WAS filling the bike). I finished my task and when I looked up again she was gone. Don't know what I would have done had she stayed there other than to say Hello. So my point is there are people out there wearing and I guess at this point not all of them are ashamed or embarrassed or even afraid of getting caught. Made me just a little less self conscious of the fact I was wearing a pullup. Good for us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slip92 View Post

    And by the way...I’m proud to wear nappies and if somebody noticed, I wouldn’t be that bothered!
    It wouldn't bother me either.

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    It might have bothered me when I was younger and more vain but not these days. You get used to what you need to get used to. When I was at a bar not long ago and had to unbuckle my belt and pull down my pullup to use a urinal because the toilet stall was out of order, a young guy in his early 20s I figured who was standing next to me noticed. He asked if I was wearing a diaper and I said I was noting that at my age its not really a big deal. "That's cool" he said before walking away. I'm sure he told his friends because they looked over at me when I returned to my table. But I didnt feel embarassed about it.

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    An acquaintance of mine has a huge bulge in his crotch whenever I see him (about weekly). Looks just like I do if I wear shorts unsuited to concealing a diaper. Still second guessing, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverKnow View Post
    An acquaintance of mine has a huge bulge in his crotch whenever I see him (about weekly). Looks just like I do if I wear shorts unsuited to concealing a diaper. Still second guessing, however.
    FYI you could look for the diaper equivalent of a "panty line" (or lack of butt crack - aka "bubble butt") in back to confirm.


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    Unrelated to the thread, but where is that image from or the story behind it?

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    being a nappy wearer I am always on the look out for others who wear them.

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