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Thread: Pacifiers...Formula??

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    Question Pacifiers...Formula??

    I'm new to this. When in bed should I be satisfied sucking on an adult pacifier or...a bottle with formula in it?? if so should I suck it every night??

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    I’m not sure I understand your question. Everyone is satisfied by different things and if it makes you happy, then go for it! However, I shall warn you that baby formula contains a high amount of iron and can cause iron overdose in adults if you are not careful.

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    Funny you should mention this...I was just advised by a doctor to radically increase my iron intake...

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    In most cases, occasional use of baby formula would not be a problem unless you have some underlying illness.

    Also some of the formulas for older babies don't contain as much iron - read the labels.

    And finally, like pgfdp said, suck on a pacifier only, drink formula only or both. Just do whatever feels good for you.

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    It's up to you! That's what's nice about it. :3

    Sometimes I want my paci but sometimes I don't. I actually got a pink one recently and I call it "The Strawb", short for Strawberry.

    I've had milk and chocolate milk, but for funsies and if you like to 'mix' the 'formula', you might try Nesquik or Ovaltine powder. :3 I personally think that formula is nasty stuffs. I can't even get past the smell of it. So smelly. *giggles* So I use 'pretend' formula when I want a bottle of something.

    You don't even -have- to use a bottle if you don't want to. I tend to get drink bottles with spouts and use them as sippy cups. (I'm really more of a toddler than an actual baby, you see.)

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    Baby formula is not suitable for adults because of its high iron content. If I were you; I would probably instead get Ensure shakes or Boost and just put them in your baby bottles. You can still pretend that it's formula; but you won't be risking an iron overdose.

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