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    I'm not one to enjoy many toys, but video games still do it for me sometimes.

    Currently playing uncharted 4 while sitting in my night (ie very wet) inspire+ and my orange paci. Anyone else likes the little kid feeling of playing vidya games in a nappy? What game are you currently playing?
    Hey, television was in it's infancy when I was wearing diapers. I can remember watching Wagon Train! Video games would have been the stuff of Buck Rodgers at that time.

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    I have a friend named Ryan whom is AB like me. I go to his place sometimes and spend the night. We play video games for hours wearing our diapers. His parents stay up with us till we get sleepy (usually about 2-3 in the morning). They change our diapers for us when we need it as me and Ryan both are fully incontinent and need diapers 24/7. We usually play Super Smash Bros. On the Wii-U. I play with a Gamecube controller because I'm more comfortable with that controller. As far as characters I'm good with. I'm really good but sneaky with Greninja, Sheik, and Diddy Kong. I'm also pretty good with Bayonetta and Meta Knight.

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    Lego Lord of the Rings is one my favourite games which I have played by XBox with my tigerbwo :3 Nothing is better than padded gaming!

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    I play a lot of video games, especially platformers, I also play a lot of WoW, here is the WoW Goblin version of Maux, obviously sporting a cloth diaper, :P

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am guilty of wearing a diaper while playing video games. It's so nice to pee in it instead of interrupting the game to use the bathroom.

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