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Thread: No diapers for a while

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    Default No diapers for a while

    I have lots of diapers at home, but because I'm going on vacation for a while and adding diapers to everything would be an added hassle (particularly since where I'm staying I will be sleeping on a couch, but it's with family and free) I won't diaper up until I get back.

    I know it will be in the back of my mind while im on vacation, but it will be nice to visit family in another state (Florida, Space Coast area) and truly be able to relax for over a week with no worries about work (overworked and severely underpaid because I work at a cheap factory and NYS wage increases ruining everything, but that's another topic).

    In a way it sucks, but I will be okay without diapers for a while.

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    Enjoy your vacation! It will be something nice to look forward to when you get back.

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    Enjoy it. Depending on how quickly you're leaving, and on whether it would "do it" for you, you could order a cloth diaper or thick training pants to bring and not wet.

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    Have a fun trip! If you have some freedom, I'd use the opportunity to hit some local places. I never wanted to fly with mine so I've found a lot of good diapers over the years when travelling. Medical supply places usually have some samples and even just a small family pharmacy might get some cool finds. I've been able to score Tranquility ATN, Molicare Super Plus, Abena Abriform and a couple of higher absorbency Tenas in various spots. Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverKnow View Post
    Enjoy it. Depending on how quickly you're leaving, and on whether it would "do it" for you, you could order a cloth diaper or thick training pants to bring and not wet.
    Nah, if I put on a diaper, I would want to use it; so I will just enjoy my diapers that much more when I'm back home.

    I would have flown with a supply of diapers if I wanted to use some while I was down (I dont usually diaper up for days at a time anyways)

    The reason I didn't is just because of a lack of any real privacy where I will be staying and that it would become an extra hassle more often than not (especially trying to keep it hidden and dispose of used diapers without anybody noticing)

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    I've taken vacations without diapers before, especially when the vacation involves visiting with family. I'm taking one such vacation in a few weeks.

    It's always disappointing to leave the padding behind, but for some reason, taking a break from the baby stuff isn't all bad, it allows me to get a handle on other stuff and get in some good visits with family and friends. There's also a bright side to taking a diaper and baby-time break for a vacation, when the vacation is over and I'm back at my place, throwing on a diaper and regressing is much more refreshing and fun, it's the build up of anticipation I guess, being able to sate a desire you haven't indulged for a little while.

    So, enjoy your diaper-free vacation, when it's over it'll make your diaper time all the more fulfilling

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    I'm at the tail end of recovering from a urinary, TURP, procedure. Over the last 2 weeks there has been some continued bleeding so I have not been wearing at all as blood stains in the cloth would have been difficult to remove.

    I have really missed that special relaxing time, especially with my wife; although she offered to use disposables on me. I really just like the feeling of cloth.

    For the first time this morning there was no blood in my urine. If it stays clear through to tomorrow, Ill be in "four corner britches" by noon!

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