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Thread: Andy's introduction! yey!

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    Default Andy's introduction! yey!

    I am Andy. I am a introvert and partially a extrovert. I like to go for walks and take pictures of things that appear most interesting to me; such as gardens, plants, old cars, or animals. I like to go to coffee shops and start conversations about inspiration, creativity, nature, social aspects, and positivity. That's most of my extroverted part of my personality.

    I do however visit family and friends when I can, but not often. my introverted part of my personality is always inside, as a common known fact, and cuddling stuffed animals, taking care of my cats, cleaning, talking online; being partially extroverted.

    I'm basically a genuine or authentic, creative, non-judgimental, kind, helpful person

    I have ADHD, Social anxiety, and periods depression. I have a over excessive, creative mind, that tends to give a negative thought process when intereacting with others most of my life. I don't have intentions on any of these thoughts they just come and go.

    I suffered long peroids of depression that interuppted my ability to learn at both my high school years and my GED years.

    I like to be creative, I try to write something every once in a while, or draw when I can.

    I am now currently living on my own, have a job, and it's successful.

    However I do see myself much later on, getting a diploma, and then getting a degree in creative writing courses.


    Diapers? Yes, I like diapers. They are awesome! I am not trying to be over excessivly obsessed with them and am currently fixing this. I only like wetting in them.

    I do not see inflation, diaper-transformations, going inside another's, water sports, etc.. being interests of mine; as they are not.

    I only like.. original rectal extracting (not so much), wetting (much), and physical regression while still having the ability to be an adult.

    I do not roleplay in text, I will type a hug, but that has other meanings.


    I am a brony, I do like the show my little pony and watch it quite a bit.

    Favorite movies; Adam S movies, James Bond series, Austin Powers series, Jim Carry movies, Home Alone Series, - Just mostly action and humour films.

    I can explain more of other interests within notes or something... :P This would be too filling.

    moving along~

    What brings me here is the fact of trying to make new friends, talk about diaper content, share insperational thoughts, and find a special someone.

    I really enjoy the very poofy topic. Hehe. Although, I do try to keep up with talking about the other things mostly, to improve my social standing, create fun conversations and make good friendships. I love voice chats. I hope to find some people on here who enjoy voice chats.

    I have a discord, a skype, and a steam.

    I am also on websites like Derpibooru, FurAffinity, InkBunny, FurGather, Weasyl, Tumblr (sorta), DeviantArt (sorta), and FurNetwork (sorta).

    I do not go on twitter, facebook, instugram/pentrist -etc.

    I also joined here to start some more conversations across the web. Share my thoughts mostly.

    Thank you! Have a good day, and thank you for reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilAndyPoof View Post
    I am also on websites like Derpibooru, FurAffinity, InkBunny, FurGather, Weasyl, Tumblr (sorta), DeviantArt (sorta), and FurNetwork (sorta).
    Welcome Andy! Can you link your deviantart page? I love checking out peoples art. I feel it is a great way to get to know someone as the art says a lot about the person I find.

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    Hi and welcome. You wrote an excellent introduction. I hope you enjoy the site and feel comfortable commenting to the threads that might interest you.

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