Being 33, (The hump)
I don't feel my childhood was too terrible. Other than some ongoing issues to this day with family. I mean, It was what it was, and it went how it went, a childhood. It was not the best it could have been looking back.
At this stage I'm really getting back into watching all my old tv shows, getting all sorts of mickey mouse toys, collector items, disney/mickey comics, mickey clothing items where I can find adult stuff that I like. Its like a second childhood. I don't really "play" per se, as my current job is the top priority. I'm also getting a 2019 Ford Mustang, all decked out, 5.0 V8. I have my baby/toddler/childish things on one side, and the other I'm trying to be more "adult" with cars and that sort of stuff. I'm trying to live two ages at the same time it seems.