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Thread: Coffee or tea - the age-old question!

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    Default Coffee or tea - the age-old question!

    Whenever I go to a business meeting, visit (older) friends or family or maybe go to some café, the age-old question comes up: Coffee or tea, the two hot drinks most commonly offered at such events.

    What do you prefer?

    Are you a die-hard coffee expert who spends half of their money at Starbucks, placing funky orders such as "I want a decaf Brazilian Americano from an elevation of exactly 3,597 feet (not 3,400!), dried on straw and roasted in Texas, with 2 1/2 cubes of sugar and milk from north Swedish brown cows".

    Or are you a tea drinker and own as much tea as I do:

    (couldn't resist the "Buy one get one free"-offer of that one store I went to in the Netherlands...and that's on top of the fact that tea'S about 30% cheaper in the Netherlands in the first place).


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    I drink neither, though I still do spent most my money in starbucks

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    As a beverage, tea for sure, although I drink coffee more regularly. Tea comes in a huge variety of flavours and styles and sitting in a tea bar just feels more... eloquent than sitting in a café.

    As a flavour for desserts or sweets, nothing can beat out the aroma of the coffee bean, not even the likes of chocolate or strawberry!

    *awaits avery's judgement on using the term coffee instead of espresso*

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've *got* to have coffee in the morning. But I'll usually drink herbal tea in the afternoon. Sometimes I'll go with Earl Grey tea (thanks to that being Captain Jean-Luc Picard's favorite drink).

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    I dun like either of them..

    Coffee is too... coffee..
    And tea is too... tea..

    (Which I suppose means I simply don't like the tastes.)

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    Coffee all the way. Black. Very black.

    I can however enjoy some tea now and then. I like the taste of Rhoibos tea. Earl Grey just tastes pretty awful in my opinion.

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    I'll happily drink either, depending on their availability and my goal.

    When I drink coffee, though, I vastly prefer an espresso with steamed and foamed milk (cappuccino) or with milk that is steamed (er ... latte?). Or if I'm out and am paying $4 anyway, I'll get a miel (latte with honey in it).

    I have a stovetop espresso maker that I picked up quite recently - it was $15 and makes a rather good cup of espresso. The only downside of it compared to my machine is that I cannot steam/froth milk. But with clean-up made as simple as it is, I'm willing to make that compromise most of the time at home.

    I'll drink either ... though I am more aware and choosy about my tea.

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    Tea is too bitter to my taste, so I usually prefer coffee. Unless you include herbal tea; that stuff is pretty damn good too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scratchpaws View Post
    Tea is too bitter to my taste, so I usually prefer coffee. Unless you include herbal tea; that stuff is pretty damn good too.
    But coffee is more bitter than tea!

    I personally can't stand coffee... I used to be in love with it, having some ever.y morning. Then I stopped drinking some for a while, and when I started again it tasted awful.

    So now I just stick with tea. But I'm pretty fussy about it; I don't know what it is, but sometimes it tastes crap. And other times it tastes great. I guess it's probably the quality of the tea.

    In case anyone's wondering, my favourite tea is probably earl grey. :D

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    Black with two sugars specifically.
    Tetley's, or PG tips. And Earl Grey.

    Never really drank coffee. Had a taste and didn't like it. Plus I don't want to be a caffeine addict.

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