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Thread: Most important aspects to you?

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    Default Most important aspects to you?

    What would you say are the most important things to you to really enjoy the experience of enjoying diapers?

    You can be vague, or more specific.

    For me it comes down to a few general things

    1. That I enjoy what I'm doing (doesn't have to be Childish/Babyish, but sometimes it is), it could be watching something (realistic TV Shows, cartoons whether Anime or more an "American style" cartoon, any kind of movie, etc)

    2. That I can enjoy the diapers too, I've worn around my family at home, well hidden beneath clothes, but only wetting for a brief amount of time, otherwise I would enjoy my diapers hidden in my room upstairs, or in the bathroom locked before I clean up.

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    I like the relaxation of it. Just sitting around and using it whenever I need to. I also sleep better as it's much easier to roll over and pee and then go back to sleep rather than hurry to the bathroom and spend five minutes trying to get back to sleep.

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    The protection and the feeling that I can go whenever I want without harsh repercussion, also knowing that I won't ruin my clothes, the bed, or anywhere else. The safeness, protection, littleness, etc, that all brings such a sensation of love and security that is really irreplaceable.

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    Accepting your own vulnerability and embracing it. Also forgetting about your own body (and yourself & your worries). Letting the diaper taking care of one of your principal body function for you. In order to ascend a level of calm and care-free state of mind.

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    1. I enjoy wearing baby blue diapers because blue is my favorite color.

    2. I no longer have to worry about finding a toilet in public places. I can just do #1 and #2 in my diaper.

    So this means: baby blue diapers + a huge poop (after having a big meal) = double fun.

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    I actually enjoy the vulnerability. I feel very vulnerable, exposed and unprotected when my nanny is feeding, changing or bathing me ... even though I know she would never harm me.

    There's just something about those moments when I'm standing on the bath mat, naked, watching her fill the bathtub or when I'm lying on the changing pad with a bottle or pacifier in my mouth watching her pour baby lotion into her hand!

    I imagine this appeals to me because I have a real take-charge personality and I'm always 'in command' in every other aspect of my life.

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    I would say, honestly every aspect of being little is what I enjoy about my wearing of diapers.

    - Watching cartoons, wearing cute clothing, being talked and treated like a toddler, etc.

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    I find them comfortable.

    Otherwise it's basically scratching an itch and keeping desire at bay.

    I guess a very important aspect to me is that when I wear diapers, the sexual aspect of ABDL subsides.

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