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    I miss the restaurants in New Haven. Every time we go up there [on vacation] we go to Sally's Apizza, where we wait in line for hours to be berated lovingly by the shop owner for bringing new people to the restaurant (when we go alone, they're warmer but still snarky). Also there's effing amazing pizza that you would DIE for. (Also, Louis' Lunch, where the locals suggest you'll get lynched for a) complaining about the food, b) asking for ketchup, c) not liking the local baseball team) Overall, great food, and "service" that goes as far as "Here's your seat; order and don't be an asshole. We reserve the right to verbally abuse you 'cause that's how great we [and our food] is.

    Then... harsh reality check at a local Italian restaurant in Florida.
    We said we were okay with an outside table, but I was worried about bugs so I asked to be moved inside. I expected a direct "We'll let you know when a seat opens up inside, then."... instead I get "Terribly sorry about that. We'll move you inside as soon as possible."

    I hate that attitude. It reeks (not obviously, but it's there) of a society that steps on the service industry workers -- you wanted fries with your burger? We're sorry, we'll correct the error. (Never mind that we don't possess the power to read minds, *somehow* we should have known.)

    Why aren't there many restaurants like Sally's and Louis'? Am I really that old fashioned that I want to be berated when I ask to be moved indoors/outdoors? Is it just the way society is moving now that an attitude of creeping servilitude is the norm for restaurants?

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    I think it's a southern thing. I moved from New Jersey, to Ohio, and then Virginia. I was lucky in that there is a New York style Italian restaurant right down the street from where we live. They have the kind of pizza I was used to getting in New Jersey. You need to look for a genuine Italian restaurant, preferably NY style or something like that. A lot of New Yorkers have migrated to Florida, so you would think it would be possible.

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    There's a place here I go to when I am in Akron called Luigi's Pizza. That place and their pizza, is their own food group. It's that damn fuckin' good. Haven't been there in two years but GOD! Good stuff.

    Thick crust, thick pie, and heavenly. After every Akron Aeros game I go to, me and my friends go hit up Luigi's for pizza and a few more beers before we head off on our different directions or my best friend drives me home.

    I'm hoping to go to an Aeros game soon, and then hit Luigi's after the game. I LOVE a good local pizza place. Chain places suck, they have no personality.


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    WildThing, did you ever go to Parasan's? They had the best lasagna.

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    Damn yeah I do, Parasson's is still around. I go when my dad's in town at least once, or with my friends sometimes. He and I would go to one when I was growing up from time to time.

    Parasson's Lasanga is awesome! Dude, you are making me hungry. lol.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    A lot of New Yorkers have migrated to Florida, so you would think it would be possible.
    *Cough* Far too many. Florida's economy survives on a service industry with all the retirees, snowbirds and vacationers. However, there is such a thing as southern hospitality. You just don't see it very often in restaurants because many of them are so focused on making money from people they'll never see again.

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    dogboy and wildthing: Hamburger Station and Swensons.

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    Hamburger Station ROCKS! Not many left around my city anymore, but there are a few... and Swenson's KICKS ASS. MMMM. Damn, making me hungry. lol


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