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Thread: The cat came back!

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    Exclamation The cat came back!

    Meow! / Hi people!

    Allow me to introduce myself; I'm Scratchpaws, but I've been known to listen to Larsje and LarsKitty aswell. To start with, I suck at introductions/bios and the likes, so bear with me.
    I'm a (currently) 21 year old babyfur from the Netherlands. I study computer science :hammer:, and work once a week at an animal shelter taking care of loads of dogs and kitties. Im really into computers, and anything related to em. Im also really geeky and love any form of science. Pi = 3.14159265358979323846263. I also like (electronic) music and cats. :kittyball: I still live at home with my parents and one of my sisters, and together we have three cats and a dog. My parents know of me being an AB, and are luckily okay with it. I dont know if my sister knows, and I dont think I want to know. :hide:
    I used to hang out on the old #tbdl, so some of you already met me.
    I see aj1983 (my bf), already introduced himself and told everybody i have Asperger's so i guess i wont have to; altho it can be rather obvious at times.

    Not much else I can think of at this moment, but feel free to ask if interested

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    Well it's not obvious so far, the Asperger's. But there is a recent thread about that very thing:

    hit "search" at the top, and just put in "asperger" - it is discussed in a few threads.

    We have some more Dutch people, or at least people living there right now...

    @TBDL I was Thelocalraccoon

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    Welcome to the site from one USA resident to a Netherlands resident. I'd love to see your country some time. I'm not a baby fur per se, but I love animal and especially dogs. I am a musician and into electronic music, and I work IT at a Junior High school, so we actually have a lot in common. I hope you enjoy the site and get out of it that what you want. The more you post and get involved, the more we get to know you and become friends. We are a great support group, especially when the chips are down.

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    Thumbs up

    **Gives Scratchpaws a huge welcome HUGGGGGGGGLES**

    PS: your sister totally knows we wear diapers
    Last edited by aj1983; 07-May-2009 at 02:08.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I like your intro. I'm a sucker for sci-fi too. Btw: there's actually a whole book dedicated to pi. It's called "The History of Pi" It was a cool read.

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    Welcome back! I had wondered if you had strayed off to foreign lands since you left TBDL. Guess you haven't!

    Your old saucer is still around though...still has your name on it, so let me follow the old tradition and fill it up with milk for you


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    Thanks for the great welcome everyone Its good to be back! Seems to be a lot busier than any other *B/DL forum ive been on.
    I havent posted on forums in a *long* time so im gonna have to get used to it again

    @AJ: I dont want to think about it *giggles*

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    Judging by your use of smilies, I would have guessed ADHD rather than Aspergers.

    Welcome back!

    --Danny <--- ADHD, and has signed every post with a smiley since day 1

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