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Thread: Who here has heared of Michael Savage?

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    Default Who here has heared of Michael Savage?

    I certainly hadn't before today and I'm willing to bet that the same could be said for more or less all of my fellow countrymen in Britain. Our nation's happy ignorance of this fellow would have been maintained if he hadn't been banned from the country along with twenty-two other people for promoting extremism, violence or hatred.

    Now, this is absurd for several reasons. Firstly, as I said, no one had heard of him. So what's the best way to keep his alleged bigotry and dangerous views away from our apparently oh so vulnerable and impressionable minds? To continue to ignore him as he had no plans to come here anyway and leave his impact on the values of this country as non-existent or to catapult his name into the news and give him airtime and a platform to speak by some ridiculous measure designed to protect us? Apparently all the wisdom of the Home Office believes it is the second option. Also, since when does the birthplace of the Magna Carta ban people for having ideas? The bloke is apparently one of these odious 'shock jocks' who thrive by kicking up a fuss and kerniving to provoke a reaction and has duly said some stupid and ignorant things about, among others, Muslims, gay people and people with autism, but he hasn’t done anything violent himself so he is basically being accused of thought crimes. I don’t believe we are so foolish as to need to be protected from such thoughts (that’s if the whole idea of this being a protection wasn't so obviously flawed) in the first place but I do believe that we should fight tooth and nail to protect people's right to think them if they so wish, and that no idea that isn't a direct incitement to violence- however obnoxious - should cause a person to be barred from entering the country. For all I've heard about this Savage he sounds like an idiot and I don't particularly want him to come here but the logic behind preventing him from doing so is ridiculous and benefits only one person – him.

    So am I wrong in not being able to make head or tail out of this? I’d be interested to know if Americans who are familiar with the guy think he really is that bad and how many more people in the world have actually been exposed to his ideas because of this news story who hadn’t previously.
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    i'm from canada but have heard of him a few times on shows like The Daily Show/Colbert Report/Bill Maher where they make fun of him for being so dumb I dont know much about what he has said but from skimming his wikipedia page he sure sounds like a meanie.

    It is a bit scarry that the UK banned him from a free-speech standpoint. However countries like the UK have stronger hate-speech laws to protect minorities then the USA, and I'm guessing Savage has or would break these hate-speeh laws. Assuming that, i think the UK made the right call

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    Yeah, I've heard of him. He has a radio talk show here and I have heard his show. Yes, he is a conservative guy, but in no means aims to harm anyone, he merely supports conservative traditional values. I think the fact that the UK would ban him because of his views is terrible. What happened to freedom of speech?

    I have to say that I thought better of the UK, I thought it was a tolerant country. I guess I'm wrong. The fact that a government would ban a person from entering the country who has not committed a single crime nor asks others to commit crimes is beyond me. I truly hope that the UK reverses this decision and realizes that arbitrarily banning a person from visiting a country solely on his or her beliefs is wrong. Also, I'm going to bet that there were listeners of his show who were planning on vacationing in the UK, and I'll bet many will change their plans because of this, so the country will lose out on tourism money. I can tell you now that I know this, I would think twice on spending my money visiting there, or even purchasing products from the UK.

    Case in point, Michael Savage's audience does include many wealthy and upper middle class people. I have a feeling that those people are probably reconsidering purchasing a Jaguar, Range Rover, Rolls Royce or Bentley.

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    Just don't think of this as a British act.

    As far as I'm concerned, if Jacqui Smith is representing Britain, I am not British.

    I have no idea who this Savage character is, but I know he's got one thing right.
    "He told his radio audience that he was intending to sue British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who he described as the "lunatic ... Home Secretary of England"."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace View Post
    I have to say that I thought better of the UK, I thought it was a tolerant country. I guess I'm wrong. .

    Broadly speaking, it is, or at least the people of the country are. We just have an overzealous, authoritarian, controlling and largely incompetent Home Secretary. For what it's worth and for better or worse, there will be a change in government in about a year though.

    Savage has apparently called for boycotts of British goods and a travel embargo on the country but that’s punishing the wrong people. The average British citizen has no part in this nonsense and most likely a good deal of contempt for Jacqui Smith.

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    I have heard if him. He slandereed autism last year and someone else said people took his words out of context so he didn't apologize for it. Someone else said he was lying by saying he was only joking and stuff.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I heard his show only once, but it was enough for me. There was some conservative caller on the air griping about how gays have "too many special rights" (as an aside: what rights are those?!) Anyway, Savage's response was "Yeah. I hope all those fa--ots die of AIDS".

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    People he is just an old man with a radio talk show who cares what he has to say. How ever The Uk banning him from entering the country seems a little harsh.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Savage is basically a Rush Limbaugh wannabe except he's lacking Rush's wit and humor (I loathe Rush, be he can be quite humorour at times.)

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    I'm a strong conservative, but Savage is an idiot.

    Like in super troopers (talking about Farva)
    "You can't lump us in with that fucking martian!""

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