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Thread: The 5 most influential games to YOU

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    Default The 5 most influential games to YOU

    So on another site I visit frequently there is a thread like this, and I think it's interesting to see how games have affected people, be it because you've wasted a lot of time on the game, because the game has made you think differently, or whatever other reason there might be... so I thought I'd make a thread here as well. The list doesn't have to be numbered (though it can be if you want to), and it can be console as well as PC games.

    My list would look like this:

    • World of Warcraft - I wasted countless hours on this game, probably close to a full year (24/7/365) when all characters are combined. I like to think that my leadership and teamwork skills have improved from this game though... at least just to convince myself that it wasn't a TOTAL waste of time.
    • Counter-Strike - The first multi-player FPS I played and also the first game that I spent many hours a day on for a long period.
    • Final Fantasy IX - The first fantasy game I was hooked on, and one of the games that made me realize that good stories don't have to come from books or movies. I didn't even understand english too well at the time, but I still loved it.
    • Diablo II - The first multiplayer fantasy game I played, and I spent quite a lot of time on this as well (though not as much as on WoW or CS).
    • Half-Life - First single-player FPS I played, and it led me to CS.

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    Call of Duty (all of them really, but 4, just wow nothing beats it. I only play cod5 for glitches and zombies)
    Need for speed (anything pre carbon really, I have EVERY one of them, this one has to be the most influential for me. I still play HP2. And this is for anyone up for some nostalgia - YouTube - Need For Speed History (1995 - 2008))
    Gran Turismo (the whole series)
    Crash Bandicoot (many, many hours spent playing)
    Driver (wow just wow, I remember getting Driver 2 - and you could actually get out of the car!!!)

    I could go on to demonstrate more - but it is past 1am, I have a test tomorrow. Not to mention I have barely slept at all over the past forever, but I shant go into details.

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    Woot for Crash Bandicoot and Driver, I LOVED those games so much. The ones that I've loved the MOST are probably (not in this particular order, just listing):

    1. Metal Gear series (ALL of them, you can't go wrong. You want a game with a story, there ya go).
    2. The Armored Core series (The only game I spend more time customizing my Core than actually playing).
    3. Kingdom Hearts 1&2 (Beautiful mixture of two different things. Disney + Final Fantasty = WIN).
    4. Guitar Hero/Rock Band (Everyone needs to have an addiction lol).

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    MGS...meh i liked 1, 2 was okay but 3...omg 3...was awesome .

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    1. super Mario Brothers 3.
    2. Portal
    3. Pokemon gold/sliver
    4. Metal Gear Solid
    5. Legend Of Legia

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    OMFG Another person who knows what Legend of Legaia is!!! ^_^ I love that game SO much. The fighting style was really revolutionary.

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    I can hardly say that a lot of games have really influenced me outside of gaming itself, but I'll give it a shot:

    Super Mario Bros. (NES): My first game. It made me the gamer I am today, and to an extent I guess it (among other games) sparked my love for 8-bit music. Something that I use pretty frequently in my own lame attempts at music.

    Shadowrun (SNES): No, not the crappy online FPS. The superb RPG. Me and my brother used a lot of parts of the game for real life playing when I was a kid. Though I never got to be Jake. I got to be Norbert.

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES): This game was my life or about a year. Everything I though about was Zelda. Zelda, Zelda, Zelda.

    Final Fantasy VII (PSX): Much like redzin, it made me realize that a video game can be just as rewarding story wise as a book or a movie. Also, it made me cry.

    Final Fantasy VIII (PSX): Now, this is kind of embarrassing, but I actually had a mild crush on one of the characters. Which one I will leave to your imagination.

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    1. Max Payne - The film noir genre sucks me right into the game. I loved everything about this game, and still do. The graphics still look competitive, and it made me question what morality really is. Max Payne 2 was awesome also.
    2. Age of Empires 2 - Best RTS EVER. I've spent more time playing it than any other game hands down. I love everything about it, and it was also the first game I played multiplayer on a LAN with my friends.
    3. Counter-Strike - Probably my favorite FPS easily. The gameplay is so straightforward, there's less qq, more pew pew.
    4. World of Warcraft - God this game has consumed my life at different times. I love the idea of MMOs, and my 2 best rl friends play with me, and we're in the same guild, so it's AWESOME.
    5. Splinter-Cell - Awesome game, I love the fact that it's all about stealth, procedure, and strategy, but still has all the elements of a good shooter. I could play splinter cell 1 forever and not get tired of it. The ones after it were tight too, starting in chaos theory the missions were non-linear, meaning you could go wherever you want and do anything within the guidelines of the missions, and all you had to do was accomplish the main objectives. It opened up the entire game experience.

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    Those games that touched me in all the ways I want a good game to also happen to be genre-defining brilliance. I guess that just means that my taste is that awesome!

    DooM - Wolfenstein 3D was just practice; this game was what shot first-person shooters into their own genre, and to this day, there is no first-person shooter that can compare. If you think otherwise, you are simply wrong. Never has a game caused nationwide work productivity to diminish. This wasnt just a game when it came out -- it was a phenomenon. The gaming world exploded when this bitch hit the shelves and didn't cool off for several years.

    Final Fantasy VII - Seriously, people who don't think this game was good need to probably slit their own wrists. While Final Fantasy was popular before this, this skyrocketed the series into timelessness.

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Side-scrolling platforming action at its absolute best. The formula has not yet been recreated. They've tried, but they just can't reach the level of this masterpiece.

    Zork - Seriously, do we even need to debate this one?

    Prince of Persia - You know, the original for the IBM back in the late 80s? The first game that made people go, "Oh my God, games can be violent!" This was the grand-daddy of violent games, and while the new iterations are amazing, nothing can beat this.

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    The Darkness: Awesome story line. The ending actually made me almost cry, and the game itself is freaking awesome

    Second Sight: Another awesome game. Really good story, and the psychic powers were fun

    Banjo-Kazooie (all of them): They weren't really that influential, they are just my favorite.

    Donkey Kong (Country): I think it was my first game on my first game system. I remember playing it for hours, and quickly surpassing my parents.

    I don't know for the 5th one...So I'll just say No More Heroes...It was fun using the controller...Graphics weren't that great though, and falling of your bike was incredibly annoying...

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