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Thread: Best powders/creams to keep skin healthy?

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    Default Best powders/creams to keep skin healthy?

    Since the weather in NYS has gotten pretty warm the last few weeks I have been sweating so much at work that the sweat seem to be eating away at my skin, what do you guys recommend to make it easier in the summer?

    The only thing I use most of the year has been medicated powder from Gold Bond, it seems to be enough in cold to moderate temperatures, but when it starts getting hot and I sweat a lot more it doesn't seem like it will be enough.

    I don't even usually wear unless it's the weekend, but if my skin starts out rough I won't be able to enjoy diapers as much as I would like to.

    I know this topic has probably been started at least a few times already, I would just like to know what you guys use, particularly during the summer.

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    What I use is Desitin on my skin to help block excess sweat. Then I use powder over that to help keep things dry. I re-apply powder when needed at breaks.

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