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Thread: Looking for best taping tutorial

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    Default Looking for best taping tutorial

    Are there any really good adult diaper taping tutorials out there? A video would be really nice.

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    The way I get mine out on is to seal those pesky bottom tapes first; then spread the diaper up over the rest of your diaper area and seal the top tapes. If your diapers are single taped; just fit them like you would a baby diaper.

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    I usually wear 4-tape diapers. But to have a nice tutorial on proper positioning and tightness would be nice. I think a video of this--if there is such a beast--would sink in easier. Something that covered the different details and different diapers would be great.

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    i have found you can not use the same taping method on all 4 tape diapers molicare abena and northshore are the 4 diapers i have used and not one could we use the same taping method even when northshore sent me the lite northshore ones to the supreme was different so from me it would have to be a video for each brand and even each body build but maybe i am try to make it to hard

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