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    Right off I'm interested to know your MBTI letters. I'm INTP. Which test do you like to use most? I just like using either of those because I've used them before. I actually got to try one of the paper tests for the MBTI by someone studying it for college. What made you think of pharmacy work? What position?
    If I remember correctly, I am an INFP. I use True Colors the most. It’s easy to use and remember. It’s not as complicated or in-depth, but it’s a good broad-brush-stroke kind of analysis that’s actually really useful. There are free tests online that can help you identify your “True Color(s)”. But basically, it color codes the four types as Orange = Adventurous, Gold = Organized, Green = Intellectual, and Blue = Emotional. Although we all have each of the four types within us, most people have either one or two main colors they depend on. And you can describe actions, motivations, attitudes, and even institutions with these four types. It has its limitations and it’s by no means scientifically backed, but it is based on historical concepts of personality.
    If we’re looking for scientifically accurate, but less fun, I go with the Big 5. It basically evaluates on 5 different scales of opposing ideas. Similar to MBTI, one of the scales evaluate how introverted or extroverted you are, for example. There were two methods the creators came up with the 5 scales. They took every word that could be used to describe a person’s personality and got rid of all the synonyms which boiled down to 5 sets of opposites. The other method is to look at all the personality disorders and pull them back to a non-disorder level. For example, OCD and Passive-aggressive disorders are opposites on a continuum. On the normal sides of those are structured and flexible personalities.
    Like I said before, I also really enjoy face reading. It’s a lot of fun, very specific, and remarkably accurate. You can learn more through the book Amazing Face Reading which you can probably find online for $1. It is a lot of material presented in encyclopedic fashion, but if you can get it down, it’s a lot of fun and very useful.

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    Ah man. Having good friends like that in life seems like a rarity. I like the idea of surfing, but I'm not that comfortable with water. Surfing is where it started though. What was college like for you? What were you studying towards
    I was a music major at a well known, east coast music conservatory, Westminster Choir College in Princeton, N. J. I majored in organ performance and have worked all my life as a church musician, first as an organist/accompanist for a 3200 membership Methodist Church, and as a music director. I still work as a church music director in a part time capacity. I enjoy making music so it never seems like work.

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