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    Today I put this diaper to the ultimate test. At 8:30 this morning. Immediately I recognized how comfortable this diaper is. Itís breathable and very easy to forget that itís there. That is until itís wet!! These are absolutely the most absorbent diaper Iíve ever worn!! I drive a box truck all day so Iím in and out of a seat, up and down from the back, and lift heavy rolls of carpet padding. I didnít experience any breakdown of the padding at all. My daily diaper is Betterdry, and those will last me 8 to 2 hours normally. Today I drank an excessive amount of water to ensure that I was throwing all I had at this diaper. At 8:15pm I removed the raccoon from my torso. Not because of a leak but because it was starting to feel full. My last wetting took a few seconds to wick to the back and finally made me feel ďwetĒ. When I wear Betterdry the diaper absorbs mostly in the fron causing the padding to sort of break down right below my belt line. Iíve never had a leak with Betterdry during a normal day to day water intaking work day and Iíve gotten pretty saturated throughout my day. I can assure you with the PeekAbu this absorbed, spread evenly, and kept me comfortable all day, and evening. I think they are a bit pricey but if you only have to use one a day then itís totally worth it. I didnít experience any issues with tapes regarding location, or placement. At one point I was worried that the wetness wasnít going to wick to the back of the diaper, after the next wetting (to which I expressed great caution) I was assured that this diaper will do itís job as advertised. I hope this review helps, have a great day you diapered geniuses!!

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    Never heard of those. Have to do some research. so far the best ive found is rearz

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    Day two of my PeekAbu experience went just as well or even better than the first. This time it was a cute baby dragon, but everything else was pretty close to being the same. I went about my day in, and out of my truck, unloading, bending, lifting, wetting, and driving. This time I untapped the tapes a few times to test that aspect. Everything went very well. When I got home I was extremely tired so I went and laid in bed almost as soon as I got home. My wonderful girlfriend brought me my dinner to our bedroom and I never ended up changing my diaper. I woke up this morning with my super wet baby Dino diaper still on, so I thought meh letís see what happens!! So I ventured into the bathroom and gave that thing one big test. It pooled for a second and then sucked it the the back of the padding. Unfortunately it didnít pass the sit down test....I honestly didnít expect it to either. All in all this diaper is very very absorbing and is comfortable for long use. A+ ABU!!!!

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