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Thread: Adults with Teddy Bears or Plushies much more common than you think!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bohorainbow View Post
    I'm so sorry for your loss, dogboy. Thanks for sharing your memories... heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.
    I whole-heartedly agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Thanks. When my wife was alive, I used to have Plushie Theater which was me and the plushies reenacting whatever was happening on the TV. I had hooked her up to her kidney dialysis machine and we watched TV for a couple of hours before we turned off the lights. The plushies would lighten the psychological load, so to speak. Imagine all of her blood going out of her, into the machine and back while we were supposed to sleep through all of that. Every night I wondered if I would wake up to find all of her blood on the floor because something failed. We did that for ten years, and for ten years, we had "Plushie Theater". Most of the plushies are silent as they've lost their voice.
    Thank you so much for sharing that. It's beautiful and inspiring to imagine how much these "little things" make such a difference. You must have been such a comfort to your wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Thank you so much for sharing that. It's beautiful and inspiring to imagine how much these "little things" make such a difference. You must have been such a comfort to your wife.
    We were a good team, tiny. She was so accepting of me. She spent most of her waking time, thinking of others and that always included me. How I miss her.

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    At 60, I sleep with plushies.
    Many of us Autistic Adults do sleep with plushies.
    I also know that many of us carry plushies around to help us Autistics with cognitive/emotional self-regulation.
    I do not feel ashamed that I need Howard Hug Bear at night and naptimed and my little plush Twilight Sparkle Pony friend in my diaper bag when I am out around town.

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    I still have stuffed animals. Yes, i still sleep with them too.
    Right now there is Chase from PAW patrol, and my Little wolfie plushie Erik on my bed at this moment.
    I snuggle up to them and sleep every night.
    I also still have my first original baby blanket I was given when born; it was made by my grandfather.

    I have also taken Erik my wolfie with me on trips. We went to Norway last year. it was a long airplane flight and i knew i would want to sleep and would need a friend. He sleep in my backpack(that held my extra diapers for changes during travel) and when i finally got on the plane he cmae out and i used him as a pillow and slept a bit.
    We traveled in a boat from Amsterdam to Norway and around the coast of Norway he stayed in my cabin on my bed.
    He said the Holland American staff on the ship that made the beds ect where nice.(they always kept him on my bed and on my pillow after making the bed)

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    I have my OLD Tina Bear (She's not Teddy.. She's a Tina)) from back when I really was 4 or 5 yrs old. I kept her for years in an old footlocker and only brought her out when I was feeling little. She is the one thing that has survived all my binges and purgings.

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    I sleep with a barney stuffie that I got I think when i was 5 yrs old.

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    I still have lots of stuffies, several shelves full in fact, and a good half-dozen or so who squeeze into my twin-size bed with me every night. I carry my little stuffed dragon, Whisper, with me everywhere in my bag, and I pull him out if I get anxious or sad. He comes out for all my therapy sessions, and my therapist even calls him by name, which I think is adorable. I was a college student, so I got used to sleeping in some pretty weird and uncomfortable spots in between classes to keep the exhaustion at bay, but if I were given the most comfortable bed in the world, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep without my thumb and my dragon.

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