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Thread: Riskiest place or time you wore

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    I wore mine to the GP doctor. He goes lift your shirt.... Yeah, I was showing about 8" of purple diaper!!!! I dont remember if he said anything at all.

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    When I was in school between grades 7-10 I'd wear pretty often, had to stop due to having PE. Other boys seeing me in a wet diaper with cute prints would not have ended well, somehow never got caught while wearing at school or at home, did however have my stash raided by parents a few times. Other times I'd just wear in public, but I wouldn't consider that 'risky' as people usually don't call others out for wearing while shopping unless they're bad people.

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    When I was a part time teacher I was once rerurning from an out of town drive diapered. I had traffic and didnt have time to take it off. So I went into class with a Depend Plastic backed soaked diaper. I hope none of the students noticed.

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    Wearing at work as I am walking all over my work place. I also wore it to school and I took it off when I can feel the rash from having it soaked for a while at the single room bathroom.

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    In my wife's van while she was driving. If I had leaked onto her seat... She probably would have thrown me out on the interstate!

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    ive had a few experiences, several with people just popping in and me floating in a huge diaper and just having to be still and not get up. probably the worst was at work though. i'd wore to work and i didnt feel like i over did it with my liquids, but by 5 pm my diaper was full and i didnt get to leave until 9. 2 careful wettings later my diaper was dripping and by the time we lined up at the time clock i know i had a decent wet spot, but i just acted like normal and tried to stick to the back of the line. also at work, people have commented about the way i walk, but afaik nobody has seen or suspected my diapers.

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