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Thread: Riskiest place or time you wore

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    "For this next test I need you to take off your shirt and I'm going to listen to your lungs as you take several deep breaths."

    better be wearing a diaper with a really low rise!
    Reluctantly, you go to untuck your shirt, only to find you forgot that you are wearing a onesie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverKnow View Post
    Reluctantly, you go to untuck your shirt, only to find you forgot that you are wearing a onesie.
    and that is when you turn to the nurse and say I'm having a little problem, would you help unsnap my onesie. lol

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    Well, being that I have no choice in the matter (I wear adult pull-ups 24/7 for moderate OAB) I would say it's rather risky at work. Not that there is any shame in a medical condition, but it would be quite the awkward conversation to have with coworkers.
    I (obviously) wear to the doctor and to my surgery a couple weeks ago.

    If I'm ever found out, I have the excuse of having a medical condition. Unless I'm wearing an AB diaper for fun, then there might be some explaining to do...

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    I'd have to say the riskiest place i wore was at a sleep study. I got set on fire, since then Ive had a slight amount of wetting at night so i wore one there. Nothing was said about it. I'm not a risk taker lol

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    I've worn to work before. Typically a thinner more discreet diaper and I've only done it a few times.

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    When I wear out and about in public, I usually do so on the way to friends places, so I'm never in a particularly risky situation or place.

    One time however, on a way to one of my local AB friends places, I rode on a bus and that particular ride could have turned out to be quite risky. I have a bad history of getting motion sick on buses and I was admittedly a little woozy before I even boarded this bus, I think in hindsight, I might've been dehydrated or something, anyway, I nearly fainted on the bus. My padding was pretty discrete, but I shudder to think what an emergency person would have said if they caught me unconscious and diapered on a bus. Then again, they don't usually check your pants when you've fainted now do they.

    So aside from one incident that could have been risky, I tend to minimize my chances of discovery and risk when I wear on the town.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poofybutt View Post
    I shudder to think what an emergency person would have said if they caught me unconscious and diapered on a bus.
    Considering their patient are already more likely to be of advanced age, I'd bet at least 1% of the people they work on are diapered. It's not even going to phase them.

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    I wore once to get pre-op testing. Thought it was just bloodwork but included an ekg. Had to tak off shirt. pretty sure some still stuck out of pants.

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    Mine was pretty recent. My wife went on a 4 day trip so I decided to be brave and wear around my kids....concealed, if course. First time doing that. I also went to church while padded and to the movies. All firsts for me too.

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    I wear a belted pad all the time including to the gym - it is pretty discreet except in the back, a nice white rectangle up the butt; but with loose gym shorts it is pretty well hidden, I checked pretty carefully... except... I didn't realize that three of my four pairs of shorts were 'double wall' but one pair is a single thin cloth... and it was the the grin on one guys face that clued me in to the difference!! I'm sure half the people there know now....

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