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Thread: Riskiest place or time you wore

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    When I was in college I wore a snap on diaper and plastic underpants on a camping trip. Of the four guys that went one of them knew of my nighttime challenges so I thought I would tent with him. No big deal even if I kept it discreet and still something showed. Strange enough, he tented with another guy and I was with one of his friends. Getting into my protective undergarments was easy because I went into the tent first about 30 minutes before the others decided to "hit the hay". Sure enough that night I had wet heavily and waking up was glad my protection did the job but then realized it was raining out and my tent mate was still inside looking over the hiking trails map and obviously was not going to go outside the tent in the rain. I had to pee and knew my protection would probably not take another soaking.

    I only had some running shorts on to cover up (in case I tossed the cover off myself during the night and did not want to expose my protection) but they were quite tight over my diaper and plastic underpants so a "proofed" bottom area was somewhat noticeable plus the running shorts were short and the leg coverings did not go down far enough unless I stood completely straight. So there I was struggling inside my sleeping bag to get my jeans pulled on over my running shorts / plastic underpants and diaper. My tent mate looked at me like I was crazy and asked what the heck I was doing! I just mumbled something about having to go pee bad and needing to get outside quickly even though it was raining. He probably wondered why I just did not get up and go outside in what he may have thought was a dude in regular underwear or even if butt-naked it was no big deal as we were all guys there. I made it out into the woods and was able to get my protection off and into a plastic bag I had in my pocket and then let loose in the woods to my relief. I had to leave the bag with my wet diaper and plastic underpants outside my tent in the back and once the rain stopped, retrieve it and jam it into my backpack before anyone else noticed.

    Since it rained off / on that whole morning we just decided to head back to the car and go back to the college a day earlier. I had one more diaper and plastic underpants in my backpack but was glad I did not have to go through that again. I always wanted to ask the other guy that knew about my bed time issues as to why he did not tent with me but thought better to just leave the whole episode behind and re-think my future camping trips and exactly who was going along. A single tent was a purchase I soon made thereafter.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scamander14 View Post
    Tell me more about this study you speak of! Though, really, this sounds interesting.
    Hey! I'm actually going to one this saturday again, diapered of course. Sorry for the late reply btw. Anyways my nurse was male. Didn't bother me since I wasn't trying to do the whole sexual thing. I do have a thing for people finding out but this wasn't the time or place for the good feels that come with it. My experience: I came in with one folded on my sleep clothes, he looked at it and asked about bed setting problems. I told him I do wet on occasion and I think it is because of the sleep apnea. He said it's common and carried on. Shortly after letting me relax in my room a bit, he said I should get get changed and comfortable. Didn't mention anything about diapers. The only other high point was that when he hooked me up I had to remove my shirt and obviously it was sticking out. But like I said no time and place for that kind of gratification. My sleep apnea did make me wet that night and I was waking up 17 times an hour. He said I wet when I stopped breathing. So when I woke up I changed into a fresh diaper, (I am a diaper lover, the wetting got me into it from when I bed wet as a kid..) and went about my way. I am 21 by the way. Most people don't suffer with apnea until 40 he said.

    Thanks for asking!

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    The closest i have ever come to being caught was one night when the power was out, I had decided to sleep in a diaper that night since i had done so once before and enjoyed it, anyway I forgot to use the bathroom before putting the diaper on so i layed in bed for around an hour with the urge getting stronger.

    I eventually decided to just go and then change into another diaper as soon as i got ready to go downstairs and go then change the power came back on so i went downstairs in my onesie and some pajama pants (no shirt so my onesie was in view) anyway i go downstairs to check on stuff and right as i am about to head back up i hear my fathers bedroom door open (he had left the stove burner on because the power went out while he was making dinner)

    I run terrified down into the basement and wait on the stairs being so scared I wet myself and waited, my father went into the bathroom and i came up and ran back upstairs into my personal bathroom where i was safe. I got very lucky that night and went to sleep without a diaper after that close call

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    I had this risky diaper day when I was 18, for some reason I was smart enough to wear a diaper when leaving for another city, I had a dentist visit there. I thought that I will just see the dentist, have everything sorted out there and I will go back home, it is a 1 hour ride. So I was wearing at the dentist's, but I did not wet the diaper. Right at the end of the visit I've got an invite from a friend to do some cart racing, I did not see him for quite some time so I thought that diapers will definitely not stop me there, so I was wearing while doing cart racing. But the day did not end yet, I've got a call from this girl who I have been talking and meeting, she invited to go to the mall and play some pool with friends. I was diapered and I did know that I will have to wet soon, but anyway, diapers will not stop me there After like 3-4 hours my diaper was quite full, I was definitely wet and in front of a group of friends, I did not have a spare diaper and no any other underwear. I was stuck in a Tena Slip Plus that is about to leak and a girl sitting right next to me, talking about maybe we should stay the night. But I had to stop this, I felt that the diaper is so full that it was getting hard to walk and it started to leak slowly. I did the journey back home and I lost control just a few steps from home, I filled the diaper once more and that caused a massive leak and there were parents waiting for me at home, this was probably the most risky part, I had to go through without being noticed. I DID! I would never ever do a day like this!

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    i was on holiday in blackpool in the uk with a diaper/nappy on wearing a fleece around my waist to hide any bulge and didn't want to mess in public so i decided to go into a public toilet to tqke care of business business like a big boy afterwards i refastened my nappy went to wash my hands while wearing my top normally totally forgetting that my nappy was sticking out above my jogging bottoms even leaning over the sink either no one had noticed the waistband and a little padding sticking out on plain sight if my abu basic didnt want to say anything .

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    Today I was buying diapers in a supermarket. Behind me were three teenage boys and they clearly were talking about the size of adult diapers and they were whispering. I heard them whispering about “is he wearing?” Then one of the boys said a bit to loudly “his butt looks like my brothers who is a toddler” and they started laughing.

    I felt embarrassed but said to the guy “I bet you wear them every night too” and they all started laughing and we all had fun.

    In the past I would have been angry and sad but now I’ve decided to embrace this side and really don’t care what other people think.

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    Literally right now. I am wearing a soaked Crinklz (very thick) in my kitchen around my family and it very noticeable to me at least

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    I had an incident last week. I wear a diaper with PUL plastic pants under my work clothes. Last week I peed one time too many into my diaper. It leaked and it was obvious. Fortunately, I have an office that I can work in with the door closed. I just worked a little later, and slipped out unnoticed. Getting caught at work would have been embarrassing.

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