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Thread: What cellphone do you have?

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    Default What cellphone do you have?

    Random thread. Just post your cellphone.

    It's boring and black.

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    LG Vx-8300. It's decent, but not great. I'll get something better next contract now that I'll be earning decent money and will be off the "family plan" most likely .

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    Abby, would you believe none for me in this day and age? My wife and two kids have one, but I really have no use for one myself the way things work out in our daily routine. Plus, they frustrate the life out of me because they're so small and I need to put glasses on to work the thing.


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    Samsung G600 - My contract runs out in June so I think I'll get the Samsung i8910 (it's HD )

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    I don't have a phone now, but I used to have a motorola razr. It was silver. Now I just wanna get a iphone ^^

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    A Samsung SGH-X640. Meaning almost the most basic phone available. If somebody still sells them that is. But it works fine for me. Just being able to make calls and sending text messages is all I really need. Should it die I'll probably just buy something similar and nothing too fancy. I have better use for the money.

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    A Samsung Blackjack. It has been the best phone I have ever had, overall. I loved Nokias back in the day, and tried a couple of motorolas but they were pretty much crap. I've had it for over two years and the only problem has been that 1 battery died and the cover for the charging port is loose. I think I want an HTC TouchPro next, or a touchscreen Samsung.

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    Pretty much this.

    Cheapest phone I could find.

    Balls to colourful screens, music and videos, the internet, cameras and all that nonsense.

    I just wanted the be able to ring, text, and play snake.

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