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Thread: The 2am feeling

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmiOMy View Post
    Usually a few relaxing breaths does it for me. I do it to properly observe the rules of SIDF.

    It also helps when I have painful spasms that don't relent until I let go.
    What's SIDF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayLew View Post
    What's SIDF?
    Sleep in Diapers Friday

    See this thread

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    Lie on your back. Raise your knees slightly. Keep your feet on the bed... close together but not necessarily touching. Keeping your knees bent at that angle, lay them down sideways. That's the position that I've always found the easiest to pee while lying in bed.

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    It's been a lot for years since i had a hard time going while laying down. Now if i wake and in need to go in seconds it goes than try and fall back o sleep.

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    most nights I wake up feeling I need to pee but before I can get out of bed my bladder releases, this happens most nights then I have to struggle to get back to sleep. it drives me nuts if my body's going to pee any ways before I make it to the bathroom why wake me up to pee

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    If I wake I just lay on my back and go , some times I will awake @12pm because I've actually just recently wet in my sleep because of the earlier REM heavy sleep I was in (happened last night went to sleep about 10:30 pm dry diaper woke 2am felt diaper and noticed I've wet with no memory of doing it ) had another pee and went back to sleep

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    Thank you all for your helpful comments. I've had some slightly better experiences in the last few days, and wanted to share.

    I'm getting better at wetting lying down, and relaxing. If I can't relax enough, I find it helps to draw my knees up towards my chest. Or simply stand next to the bed to get flowing.

    Big mistake to drink too much water before bedtime. I woke up in agony (bad), managed to wet (good), then got so paranoid about wetting the bed that I gave up for the night (very bad).

    I need to have confidence in my diaper-booster combo, as they can hold a lot of fluid. And I'm using improvised bed protection - towels over a rubbish sack - but I've realised that disposable bed pads are so cheap I will get some.

    I'm still finding I don't sleep well in a diaper, wet or dry, but I'm sure that will come with a bit more experience.

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