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Thread: Hello! I am Tom, From the SouthEast USA!

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    Default Hello! I am Tom, From the SouthEast USA!

    Hello community friends!

    My name is Tom, and I am an ABDL. I have been interested for as long as I can remember, but just recently I have been exploring my interests and found out that there is actually quite a large community of like-minded individuals online! I cant wait to explore this site and others(fetlife) and make tons of new friends!

    Before I get into my interests in this kink, I would like to talk about myself first:
    I am a 25 year old college student that is working on a second bachelor's degree. My second degree is in Chemical Engineering, which will allow me to be very flexible in moving about (I love to travel and want to explore other places) and will allow me to live comfortably! I am a tall, muscular guy, that usually comes off as intimidating at first(so I've been told), but once people get to know me, they see that I am a big teddy bear that is quite sensitive, and is quite protective of friends and family.

    In my spare time, I like to: Exercise( almost every day, it is one of my main stress relievers) travel, explore nature, go out and enjoy nightlife, and play video games! ( I am pretty into Xbox One, and a few computer games).

    What I want from this site: I want to make as many friends that I can in the community, as well as share my experiences in this kink. I also want to hear and learn from the experiences of others, because the more that I learn about other people with similar interests, the more that I feel like I am not alone.

    Eventually, I would like to find an acceptable female partner to share these experiences with and grow, but I understand this will take time and work, so I am committed to not cutting corners in this search. The details in which I will be searching for this partner I will leave a bit more private, but I am an open book, so any questions that anyone on this site has, I will answer with the utmost respect and importance!

    Gosh, I don't know what else to say! Feel free to contact me, don't be shy! I will try my best to do the same.

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    Hi Tom and welcome! That was a really good intro. I see you have already been active in the threads and even greeting new members. That's great! We look forward to seeing more of you here!

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    Hi and welcome as well. Chemical engineering sounds like a tough major but you also sound like you're quite capable of handling it. Good luck and I wish you well. I hope you enjoy this site. We discuss a lot of different things so please feel comfortable in joining in.

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    Welcome, Tom, and great intro! You seem like a very interesting person. I hope you do find lots of friends and a partner! ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimplyTom View Post
    Eventually, I would like to find an acceptable female partner to share these experiences with and grow, but I understand this will take time and work, so I am committed to not cutting corners in this search.
    This was an excellent introduction and welcome to the group.

    If there is one piece of advice I can give you, not only from my experience but also from discussions with many others, in your search for a partner do not limit yourself to someone who shares your kink. I'm married to a wonderful woman who had no idea about kink before we met. My other serious relationships were the same. Each of these women not only accepted my desires, but participated in them. None of them developed an interest in diapers, but all of them had an interest in me and what they could do to show their love for me by fulfilling my desires. This in turn made me want to do more for them and that turned into the growth and exploration you seek.

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    That was a great intro. It went through my head, "I could be friends with this guy". This is a great place you will learn allot. Welcome aboard.


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    Hello, Tom. I enjoyed reading your intro. I happen to love video games very much and to be pretty sensitive as well. And wow, a second degree sounds very amazing! I can't wait to be friends with you.

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    Hi SimplyTom! I’ve taken some serious chemistry classes on my way to pharmacy school. I actually really enjoyed them! I liked how chemistry could be described with math.

    What kind of exercise do you do? I honestly can’t stand running, but I love working out. I like finding different routines for different muscle groups and then mixing it up with moves that work several groups at once.


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